1-6 Dec 2020

Body & Sound Jam

This Improvisation Gathering celebrates the jam-culture in it´s different forms. We wish to bring together  dance- and music-lovers, movement enthusiasts and improvisors. In a fine tuned field based on listening, an environment for all levels to unfold from your creative source.

Contact Improvisation, Dance Improvisation, Vocal Impro, Music, Instant Composition, Singing Circles, Yoga, Sharings...
Nature, Sauna, Silence, Swimming Pool, Forests, delicious vegan food...
And yes, jamming ! 

Vega Luukkonen (Contact Improvisation), David Mages (Music Improvisation), Paolo Cingolani (Movement & Voice), Neelam Mages (Kundalini Yoga & Voice), Alon Ritter (Feldenkrais & Tango), Irene Sposetti (Contact Improvisation & Music), Christina Marita (Thai Yoga Massage), Sophie Kinkel(Transformative Bodywork) and more...

The Intention of this meeting is to come back to the roots, 
improvising and creating collaborative jam-spaces, where dance, movement, expression and sound come together. We wish to create a rich jamming culture - big part of this gathering is to establish different structures and frames for jamming together. 
Listening spaces where music is dance, and dance is music. 

We give the main focus during the gathering for morning intensives and evening jams. 
Mornings we study with our chosen intensives, 
focused on contact improvisation & composition, music & voice improvisation and instant composition & poetry.

Afternoons we have longer siesta, digesting and integrating. Exploring the nature and landscapes around, 
or enjoying luxury spa with sauna, pool, jacuzzi and resting.
 Evenings we come together with celebrating improvisation, giving our full presence to the jam.

Welcome to this journey with us ! 


We invite you to the most beautiful and peaceful environment of Nature Community in Schönsee, with Bavarian ambience and vegan cuisine in the midst of pristine nature and a wonderful view of the valley. A place where people jointly develop a field for living and working in connection with humans, animals and the environment.

Schönsee lies in the heart of Europe, 6 km from the Czech border. We are located between Munich (210 km) and Prague (180 km), Regensburg (90 km), Pilsen (90 km) and Nuremberg (130 km).

Address: St. Hubertus 1, 92539 Schönsee


By train and bus:

The closest train station to the community is “Nabburg” (35km). From there the regional bus 6273 continues to Schönsee. On Mondays to Fridays this bus runs several times a day, on weekends less often.
Nabburg is well connected to Nuremberg and Regensburg by train with a change in Weiden or Schwandorf.


Enter “Schönsee, Aschabrücke” into the search mask of the German railway to see the current departure times. The bus stop “Aschabrücke” is 800 m (approx. 10 min walk) away from us.

ATTENTION: Especially on weekends some buses are “Rufbusse”, where you have to reserve seats until 5 pm the day before.


Tickets with which you can get to us cheaply:
Also valid on the regional bus: Bayern Ticket, Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket

Do not apply in regional buses: Servus ticket, Quer-Durchs-Land ticket, Hopper ticket Bayern, Bayern-Böhmen ticket

You can find the latest information on regional special tickets here


If you would like to be picked up at a train station or are looking for another ride-share, you can search for offers at our ride-share-portal or enter your request here.


External car-sharing portals such as Blablacar can also often be used to find good and inexpensive rides. Travellers on the much offered Nuremberg-Prague route pass by near Schönsee.


On request and depending on the availability of people/cars we can also pick you up. We charge for outward and return journeys per person:

Oberviechtach oder Waidhaus: 2o EUR (for 1 person), 12 EUR (for 2 persons),  10 EUR (for 3 persons), 8 EUR (for 4 or more persons)
Nabburg: 25 EUR (for 1 person), 16 EUR (for 2 persons),  12 EUR (for 3 persons), 10 EUR (for 4 or more persons)
Weiden oder Schwandorf:  40 EUR (for 1 person), 25 EUR (for 2 persons),  18 EUR (for 3 persons), 15 EUR (for 4 or more persons)
For events we usually offer a collective pickup service from Nabburg station. You will find the time under the respective event. Please take this into account when booking your train.
Contact for booking: shuttle@nature-community.de


By long-distance bus:

With Flixbus you can travel to Schwandorf or Weiden (directly e.g. from Passau, Leipzig and Berlin).


In Regensburg there are international direct connections to and from Salzburg, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Florence, Budapest, Warsaw, Bucharest, Zagreb, Zurich and many other cities. Regensburg is also directly connected to most major German cities.


By car:

Calculate route

from Munich, Regensburg via the A93, exit 30 “Nabburg” and follow the signs to Schönsee.


from Nuremberg via the A6, exit 69 “Nabburg-West”, then through Nabburg (signposted towards A96) and follow signs to “Schönsee


from Berlin, Leipzig, Hof via the A93, exit 21b “Altenstadt”, then via Vohenstrauß and Moosbach to Schönsee


from Prague, Pilsen via E50/A6, exit 76 “Waidhaus”, then via Eslarn to Schönsee


You come to us via the street “Am Lauber Berg”. Please keep to the right. The “St.-Hubertus-Weg” is a pedestrian path.


We are difficult to reach by public transport and there are always people who are looking for a lift to us.

Please check our ride-share portal for requests and/or set your ride-sharing offer here. Mutual support and ecology are in the spirit of our vision!


Please park cars only on the large public parking lot. Please keep the area directly in front of the main building clear (fire brigade).


By plane:

The nearest international airport is Nuremberg. Cheaper flights may also be available to Munich or Prague.

Our kitchen is 100% vegan, the food we use is organic and comes mainly from the region. Raw vegetables, gluten- and lactose-free food is available on request.

Accommodation in the nature-community-guesthouse in the dorm, in shared rooms or in private rooms.

Or your campervan.

Available are Double room / single room / 3-bed room / 4-bed room/ 

The rooms are all equipped with bath or shower/WC and room safe.

In each room there is a small sitting area with a corner bench, table and chair. The rooms on the south side of our guesthouse offer a wonderful view over the Schönseer Land from their balconies.

We try to keep the rooms free of electrosmog and radio waves as far as possible. Free internet via WLAN is available to all our guests in the lobby of the guesthouse.

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On four mornings during our program you can join one Intensive course, either  Contact Improvisation with Vega, Live Music with David and Neelam or Movement & Voice with Paolo . Please choose in the registration form which one you want to follow. This gives the teacher the possibility to build up the material and develop a deeper process into the form.


Participation is on your own risk. Please note that if you are under medication, or are suffering from any severe physical injuries, please let us know before registering

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the festival, even at short notice, if there is a danger to the well-being of the visitors and organizers, such as viral infections (corona epidemic), storms or natural disasters (fire, hurricanes, floods). In this case the organizer cannot be held liable for private failures. Deposits will be refunded at 100%. To prevent further personal loss, we recommend to take out a travel cancellation insurance.

We reserve the right to refuse your participation, if necessary without giving a reason. In any case you will get your deposit back.

You can reach us at registration@forgotten-land.com for any questions.



Die Teilnahme erfolgt auf eigenes Risiko. Bitte beachten Sie, dass Sie uns vor der Anmeldung informieren, wenn Sie unter Medikamenten stehen oder schwere körperliche Verletzungen erleiden.

Der Veranstalter behält sich vor das Festival notfalls auch kurzfristig abzusagen, wenn eine Gefahr für das Wohl der Besucher und Veranstalter bestehen, wie zum Beispiel durch virale Infektionen (Corona Epidemie), Unwetter oder Naturkatastprophen (Feuer, Hurikane, Überschwemmungen). In diesem Falle kann der Veranstalter nicht für private Ausfälle haftbar gemacht werden. Anzahlungen werden zu 100% zurückerstattet. Um persöhnlichen Ausfällen vorzubeugen empfehlen wir eine Reiserücktrittsversicherung abzuschliessen.

Wir behalten uns das Recht vor, Ihre Teilnahme zu verweigern, falls erforderlich auch ohne einen Grund nennen zu müssen. Selbstverständlich erhalten sie in jedem Falle ihre geleistete Anzahlung zurück.

Bei Fragen können Sie uns unter registration@forgotten-land.com erreichen.

//english below//

Wir haben ein Hygiene Konzept erarbeitet was es uns erlaubt unter Einhaltung der offiziellen Vorgaben ohne Sorge zusammen zu kommen.

Bitte komm gut vorbereitet zur Veranstaltung, bleib am besten schon ein paar Tage vor der Veranstaltung mehr zuhause, so gehst du sicher das du wirklich gesund bei uns ankommst. Nimm dir auch nach der Veranstaltung ein paar Tage Zeit wieder zuhause anzukommen, bei Krankheitsanzeichen geh zum Arzt und informiere uns umgehend, gefährde bitte niemanden.

Menschen die bei uns mit einer oder mehreren der bekannten Krankheitsanzeichen ankommen können nicht teilnehmen. Sieh bitte auch von einer Teilnahme ab falls du unter Diabetis, einer Gefäßkrankheit, Herzkrankheit oder Bluthochdruck leidest und Medikamente einnimmst.

Wir haben geschultes medizinisches Personal vor Ort was im Zweifelsfall Entscheidungen zur Sicherheit aller treffen kann.

Leute aus Risikogebieten können nur unter Vorlage eines Covid 19 Test der nicht älter als 48 Stunden ist, teilnehmen.

Falls während unserer Veranstaltung ,  die Mindestabstandsregel von 1,5 Meter gilt, werden wir die räumlichen Bedingungen dafür schaffen das alle mitmachen können. Die Leiter gehen in ihrem Kursen auf die Bedingungen so ein, dass es Spaß macht und alle Sorgenfrei mitmachen können. Kontakt Sportarten sind in Gruppen unter Auflagen gestattet. 

Die Installationen in der Küche, den Bädern und auf den Tanzflächen, sowie alle Vorgänge wie die Essenszubereitung und –Ausgabe, Reinigung etc. finden unter besonderer hygienischer Sorgfalt statt. Genug Desinfektionsmittel werden vorhanden sein, und regelmäßige Reinigungen aller genutzten Bereiche sind gewährleistet.


We have developed a hygiene concept that allows us to meet in compliance with the official regulations without any worries, so please come to the event well prepared and stay at home a few days before the event, so you can be sure that you arrive really healthy. Please take a few days after the event to come back home, if you have any signs of illness, please go to the doctor and inform us immediately, do not endanger anyone, people who arrive with one or more of the known signs of illness can not participate. If you suffer from diabetes, vascular disease, heart disease or high blood pressure and are taking medication, please do not participate. We have trained medical staff on site which can make decisions in case of doubt for the safety of everyone. People from risk areas can only participate by submitting a Covid 19 test that is not older than 48 hours. If during our event, the minimum distance rule of 1.5 meters applies, we will provide the space for everyone to participate. The instructors will take care of the conditions in their courses so that it is fun and everyone can participate without worries. Contact sports are allowed in groups under certain conditions. The installations in the kitchen, the bathrooms and on the dance floors, as well as all operations such as food preparation and serving, cleaning etc. are carried out with special hygienic care. Enough disinfectants will be available and regular cleaning of all areas used is guaranteed.


Program Body&Sound


Registration is open.

All prices incl. accommodation, vegan meals, classes, evening jams & concerts, wellness Spa area. This is a very special offer.

490€ Dorm (30 people), camper van 

580€ Multi-bed room with up to 8 beds, shared bathroom 

670€ Double room 

760€  Single room.

We give up to 10 helper tickets for a reduced price of 80€ discount in exchange for 1.5 h help per day. This is to support people with lower income please only subscribe as helper if you need that support.

Please confirm our Covid 19 hygiene rules and Terms & Conditions.



Meet Your Facilitators

Neelam Mages

Neelam Mages

Neelam is a passionate singer, Kundalini Yoga teacher, gong master and event manager – she touches through the warm and clear sound of her voice and her open, authentic and heart open nature. https://www.laeela.com/

Vega Luukkonen

Vega Luukkonen

I am dancer, dance-teacher, performance-artist and bodyworker made in Finland, but currently based in Berlin, India, and nomadic temporary moments in time and space. I have studied in Finland, Helsinki – in Theatre Academy of Finland (TEAK) and Metropolia AMK. Though – I guess my dearest high-school and university in dance and contact-improvisation has been finnish contact community, where I have learned so much, by sharing the dance and rolling point with the other spiralling beautiful finns since 20 years. I have been teaching contact and dance since 15 years all around the world, on many internationally acknowledged festivals and retreats.  I am one of the organisers of Goa Contact Festival since 10 years, and that has become big part of my life – to live my winters in India, and create platforms and possibilities for cultural exchange, dance and learning – throughout the whole winter-season in Arambol Beach, in “Forgotten Land” which is our collaborative dance-center.

Christina Marita

Christina Marita

Christina is a researcher and explorer on the field of human wellbeing and connection, playing with movement & dance, expression, and body awareness. On her travels through Asia 3 years ago, Christina discovered the art of Thai Yoga Massage and felt in love with this kind of meditation and technique for relaxation. Since then, she attended numerous Massage courses and silent meditations, bringing it to a ritual in everyday life. She holds sensitive and safe spaces for people to connect to themselves and to each others in an honest and deep way. With meditation, massage, movement and nature walks, Christina is supporting people in exploring and living their true self and their purpose. You can book a one to one Session in Integrative- Relaxation-Thai-Yoga-Massage. www.marita-mindfulconnection.de

Singing Circle

Singing with Neelam and David and listening to them is balm for the soul – whether powerful kirtans, touching mantras & medicine songs or free soul songs – dive deep, let go, recharge your batteries, come home … The love for Bhakti Yoga and influences from different cultures shape their very own style. David’s magical guitar playing conjures up the basis on which Neelam’s touching voice can unfold in deep devotion.

Paolo Cingolani dance

Movement and Voice w/ Paolo

//MORNING INTENSIVE COURSE// instant composition’s techniques The workshop is open to anyone interested in creating movement and voice compositions. The material proposed is focused on making dances, sounds and text in the immediacy of the present moment. The approach used in the work is direct and pragmatic and, at the same time, open and sensitive to the research of own personal poetic. During the classes we will work with body and voice: from the physicality of the vocal cords to the meaning of the words. Sounds, pre-verbal text, logics of grammar, cohabitation of movements and voice will be some of the areas of study touched during the week. Through an active use of imagination and intuition, we will refine our tools to develop a deep listening in order to create movements, sounds and words. Spontaneity and creativity, thinking and sensing body are some of the topics that we will use to compose instant choreographies and dancing poetries.

Irene Sposetti

Irene Sposetti

Irene is a multidisciplinary performing artist, teacher and dance maker. She studies drama, classical music and dance. While originally from Italy for the last twenty years she has been living, traveling and working abroad as an independent freelancer. She is being offering dance training, making performances and lectures in universities, schools, companies, festivals, cultural institutes, and independent platforms throughout Europe and Asia. Her artistic path has been therefore influenced by many different cultures and is deeply intertwined with self-inquiry investigations and practices. The main theme of her movement research is Improvisation. Through her practice she aims for a heightened state of presence, increased awareness in the body, effortless motion, and a broadening of the technical and investigative skills of the mover. She has a particular interest in intuitive learning processes, empowering individuals, and promoting independent research and artistic projects. www.beingmotion.com

Contact Improvisation with Vega

//MORNING INTENSIVE COURSE// TRANSITIONS, PRECISION & LIGHTNESS Contact Improvisation & Composition  During this intensive I will simply share with you the way I love to dance ! As the name says : “Transitions, Precision & Lightness” – describes well my interests in dance, and life. We will flow in and out of contact, viewing the dance as a playful dialogue, which breathes freely in time and space. Awareness and presence are helping us to expand the choices and possibilities in our dance. Cultivating conscious listening, breathing, giving and receiving. During the classes we work both technically – focusing on understanding the underlying physical principles of contact improvisation – and experientially – widening the trust to our instincts, impulses and intuition. We will evoke deeper understanding how our bodies function? How the joints, bones, muscles and fascia function ? Some of the movement principles I employ are informed by developmental movement patterns, release technique,  and floorwork.    

David Mages

David Mages

David is a gifted multi-instrumentalist and has the extraordinary talent to play innumerable instruments of different cultures in a sensitive and expressive way, giving every music and every moment a very special magic. https://www.laeela.com/

Kundalini Yoga Neelam

Kundalini Yoga with Live Music

In this EARLY MORNING CLASS you will have the opportunity to delve deeper into the transforming power of Kundalini Yoga. The Kundalini Yoga Asanas or exercises are at once dynamic and meditative, invigorating and relaxing, healing and invigorating and feasible for each of us. Use this wonderful opportunity more and more to recognize your true being behind all the conditioning, emotions and colored thoughts, free yourself from built-in limitations and so on to your essence – self transformation is self healing!  Neelam’s singing and guidance through the practice of Kundalini Yoga is very heart-opening, with deep female intuition and inspiration she encourages us to go through all the processes that come up. Shaped by the power of polarity, of silence, vastness and the focus on our true being. Inwardly and sensitively, Neelam lovingly and purposefully accompanies us to extend our borders and arrive authentically in “just being”. True to the motto “It is not the external circumstances that determine your life, but the courage, the inner attitude with which you confront them” (according to Yogi Bhajan). 

David Mages

JAMin’. with David

//MORNING INTENSIVE COURSE// The live music Contact Jams give a very special space of improvisation for dancers and musicians – the music can be danced – an interactive game and the fusion of movement and sound – musicians and dancers. In a sensitive way David opens wide spaces with guitar or piano and clones his playing by skilfully using inspired live loops, which give the basis for the JAM and give room for improvisations of all kinds. The versatile range of instruments allows many different sound colors and invites in a mindful way to create sound images in dance, which inspire the soul and lift the being into unexpected spaces of detachment. David’s music workshops give room for free development and teach handicraft, theory & practice and give the participant access to a diverse musical knowledge base. Individual lessons tailored to each level are a trademark of David’s musical work from 35 years of practical experience.

Paolo Cingolani

Paolo Cingolani

Paolo Cingolani is an Italian dancer specialized in the art of improvisation and instant composition. His work is characterized by a specific training on intuition as the first tool to create dance and text in performance. Since 2012 he is a member of Allen’s Line company of Julyen Hamilton. Allen’s Line presented its productions in Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Strasbourg, Oslo and Rome. Paolo has also dedicated to create performances with other artists, dancers, musicians and visual designers. His way to compose choreographies and characters on stage defines a clear poetic of time and space in the contemporary scenic arts. In this freelance context, he has performed extensively through Europe (2005-2020).  As a teacher, he has developed his personal body’s technique resulting from the combination of Tai-Ji and Qi Gong with the principles of contemporary dance. Since 2006 he has been teaching in schools, universities and festivals all around Europe.  Website: www.paolocingolani.com 

Volker Eschmann

Volker Eschmann

is an artist who positions his artistic work in the context of society. He develops and realize successfully concepts, strategies, and ways of working in the framework of various life-worlds. In relation to systems of expertise he understands non-artistic questions, problems, and prejudices, to respond to these professionally, and ground the relevance of his own work. He studied anthropology in J.W.Goethe University Frankfurt/Main with focus on rituals in traditional communities. Practical anthropological studies with the Griot (trad. mythteller) Nago Koite from Senegal/Berlin in african dance, music and storytelling

Alon Ritter

Alon Ritter

Alon Ritter is a certified Feldenkrais teacher with a BA in music education. Specialising in Contact-Improvisation, Voice & Movement Improvisation and Tango. His unique methods and approach as well as his background in performance art have made his courses sought after internationally in the last decade. Alon also leads regular classes and private lessons at festivals and theatre academies where he works closely with artists to maximise their creative and physical potential as performers. http://www.alonritter.com/

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