24-29 August 2020

Ecstatic Dance Festival Portugal

Join us for a transformative community experience through awareness, music and movement, on a beautiful eco campsite near the ocean.

Ecstatic Dance, 5 Rhythms, Cacao Ceremonies, Live Music, Singing Circles, Authentic Relating, Women & Men Circles, Tantra, Contact Improv, Yoga, Breathwork, Bodywork, Wellness & Healing Team

Tikki Masala (DJ), Porangui (Musician), Arun Ji (DJ), Pascal de Lacaze (DJ), Selecta Alice (DJ), Martyn Zij (DJ), Ben Pavlidis (DJ), Astiko Ji (Tantra), Yamuna Devi (Yoga), Shivani Cristiana (LifeMastery), Elīna Ratna (Breathwork), Jeska Aquamarina (Singing Circles), Leilani Weis (Contact Improv), Arjan (5 Rhythms), Imaya Renne (Healing Team), Kiri de Bruin (Healing Team), Gordon (Healing Team), Sofia Brito (Healing Team)


Ecstatic Festival Portugal Program 2019


We DANCE under the sun, the moon and the stars at Aterra, on the Southwest coast of Alentejo, Portugal!! Aterra only 15 min drive from the ocean, is a secluded, peaceful site in a valley surrounded by woodlands, fruit trees and grasslands. Dance, sing, relax and experience the ecological yet exotic ambience of Aterra. Shower under the stars, chill out in a serene atmosphere and cool off in the enormous freshwater lake. Aterra aims to bring people back down to earth and step away from the world of technology, materialism and reliance on others.


Carvalhal Das Figueiras,

Corgo Da Casca, 5707

São Teotonio


• Telephone: 00351936914279 (Portuguese)

• Telephone: 00441273900229 (English)



37°30’1.69″N,   8°43’5.23″W

37.5004694°, -8.7181194°

37°30.02817′, -8°43.08717′

37°30’01.6900″, -8°43’05.2300″

Nearest airport Faro (1 hr1/2 drive). Lisbon (2hrs1/2 drive)


Plane Tickets from all bigger cities in Europe to Portugal with Ryan Air, Easy Jet, Air Portugal, SAS for about 150 € roundtrip (incl. 10 Kg luggage)

Please take an early flight to be sure to arrive on time to festival August 26st, 2 pm. ! www.momondo.com


You need to come a day before the festival begins?  Resigned Helpers and International guests can arrive a day before, on 25th from 3 pm on. You HAVE TO get in touch with owners through this e-mail, so they can plan accordingly info@aterra.pt


Airport Bus Faro Airport to Faro Train station you have to count minimum one hour with waiting times.


Nearest train connections from Faro to Santa Clara -Saboia (or San Teotonio). Departure times from Faro to Santa Clara on Aug 26st are 7 am, 8 am, 2 pm and 6 pm / price € 7.90 / 45 min drive in train to Santa Clara-Saboia. Check www.cp.pt

Return from Santa Clara to Faro on Aug. 31st, departure 12.24 am, 4.21 pm, 8.53 pm / price € 7.90/ 45 min drive in train to Faro.


Pick up and drop off available from Sao Teotonio and Santa Clara-Saboia to our venue in Aterra. € 30 to Santa Clara-Saboia up to 4 persons in car. Sharing can be arranged through our facebook rideshare group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/1072936409578045/Lets us know if you need a pick up a few days before. Let us know a few days in advance. registration@forgotten-land.com



Rental Car from Faro Airport for this 6 days with full insurance 100 €. Book now, its most economical. Car sharing can be arranged through our facebook rideshare group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1072936409578045/ WE RECOMMEND TO THINK ABOUT THIS OPTION !

The Aterra cooks will spoil us with their delicious portuguese cuisine.


Menu will be composed of local a available produce there for dishes will be changing daily . However format will be so :

Lunch and dinner will be served buffet style.

Food will be be mostly vegan with some dairy and eggs .

Vegan alternatives will be always available .

Buffet will have on each meal, Fresh garden salad, Wholegrain side dish, Side vegetable or starch dish, Changing daily main dish, Bread and a dip

Example for a meal: Garden salad, Brown rice in fresh pesto, Stir-fry green beans, Main dish, Sweet potato and  coliflure Alu Gobi with Tofu, Bread, Green Thaini Dip

Regular Ticket €420: Come with your own tent, or own camper van.

Cold Shower, shared bathroom.

Rental Tents Fully booked €470, incl. air mattress and blanket. 

Contact Dance Camp Algarve Portugal


Bell Tent Fully booked € 540, shared with three on airbeds, cosy style. Cold Shower, shared bathroom.


Bell Tent Fully booked € 600 , per person if used as couple. Cold Shower, shared bathroom.

Rundzelt zu zweit

Cold shower


Glamour Camping  FULLY BOOKED   €560: Limited amount of places. Options in Tipies, Yurts, Rajastani tents each tent shared with four persons. You have to decide between a single bed or one place in a double bed (couple). Warm Shower, shared bathroom.



Rajastani Tent: One double bed and two single beds/bunkbed

Rajasthan Tent


Tipie: One double bed and two single beds.

Tipie Glamour Camping


Yurt: One double bed and two single beds.

Yurt Glamour Camping


Shared bathroom:

Glamour Camping Bath


Glamour Camping


Choose your accommodation sleeping in my own camper vansleeping in my own tent

I recognize, the organizers and teachers are not liable for any damages or injuries.

I confirm that the information provided is correct and I agree to the above registration rules.



€ 420 Regular Price, incl. three meals a day. Bring own tent or camper van. Places available!

€ 280 Portuguese residents (up t0 20 pp.) fully booked.

€ 470 Rental Tent, single occupation fully booked

 € 540 Bell Tent, three airbeds, fully booked.

€ 560 Glamour Camping, four bed tents, fully booked

€ 600 Glamour Tent, pp.  couple occupation.Fully booked.

€ 600 Bell Tent, pp. used as couple fully booked.

Choose your bed and click box beside. Information check up in the field “Accommodation”.


Tipie Bed Aterra Portugal
elegant bathroom Aterra Portugal

Meet Your Facilitators

Jeska Aquamarina Singing Circle

Jeska Aquamarina

Singing Circle Jeska Onderwater is Dutch singer-songwriter and yoga teacher who writes and sings songs from and for the heart. Her soft, angelic voice enters into your soul and takes you on a journey to hidden places and forgotten memories. Through yoga she discovered the power of mantra singing and started guiding regular singing circles. She is always looking for new songs to come her way, both from the existing ancient wisdom traditions as well as from her own creative source. In her workshops and circles she creates a safe and loving space for you to freely explore your voice and become a channel for the sounds that are flowing through. Jeska believes that singing is a healing practice which helps us calm our minds, express our feelings and come into alignment with the wisdom of our bodies. More info and music via www.jeskaonderwater.com

Imaya Renne

Imaya Renne

Slow Flow Meditation Massage Therapist There is nothing more healing then love, being fully presence. When I massage I am not coming from a place of wanting to change anything, there’s nothing to fix. When I massage I enter a space of deep presence, allow my hands to intuitively flow very slow all over your body and pierce my presence till deeply into your bones. Its a shower of love, a journey for both, creating deep relaxation by inviting your own presence with yourself to expand, to hyper focus within a field of allowance, just observing… making all parts of ourselves become part of the whole.

Arjan 5 Rhythms


Dancer, musician, actor… For me it’s a beautiful combination, always on search for the expression of inner movement. Dancing helps me to follow the movement of my life. I don’t have to change; I can follow the changes. I love rhythm, rhythm of music, of the sun and the earth; I can take refuge in the beat. When guiding the dance, I use a lot of life music, sometimes working with different musicians.  My down to earth humanness creates a save space in which life-force can find its way to move through on the dance floor. Meet you in the beat.

Yamuna Devi

Yamuna is a highly experienced and qualified Yoga teacher & Therapist. She has been working in the Holistic field for nearly 10 years. She has roots from her father in India and grew up with yoga & healing throughout her childhood. She has travelled internationally to teach and has given treatments in various Spas, Villas, Hotels and Yoga Centre’s. Her approach is gentle and compassionate, she brings the beauty and wisdom or all her experience and tailors her yoga classes and treatments to each individual clients needs. Her aim is to bring happiness and peace to each person she meets and shares with them all she has learnt, with the intention to help them to feel better and to improve their overall health and wellbeing. Yamuna has studied and can teach various styles of yoga such as Hatha Yoga & Vinyasa flow but she is also interested to see what each student needs and designs the yoga practice according to their level and experience. She is a Native English speaker and speaks Italian. Her treatments are also designed to each client and she uses different techniques that she has studied such as Deep tissue, Myofascial release & Joint mobilization to give a session to the client that will help them to release any held tensions or patterns that maybe stuck in their bodies. WWW.YAMFOW.COM  

Leilani Weis

it´s been already many years since I live learning, practicing and teaching CI. It´s a source for inspiration to my artistic work, as well as a reading key of the world and life. To practice it fulfills me with happiness and satisfaction. My work is about opening the own doors to the participants of my lessons, offering the possibility of a practice focused and disciplined, profound and funny. I feel tremendously lucky for constantly being traveling in this beautiful world to share dancing CI.

Tiki Masala Ecstatic Dance

Tiki Masala

After first traveling in India, Tikki Masala was inspired by the deep flavors of authentic Indian classical music. He blends together sounds of Indian classical instruments like Sitar, Tabla, Santoor, Sarod, Flute, Tanpura, Harmonium and Vocals… with beats, synthesizers, drums and percussion. Recordings made across India from Bhajans, Kirtans, Mantras, street musicians, fellow travelers, jam sessions, concerts, nature and temple sounds are mixed together with psychedelic hypnotic electronic sounds, rhythms and bass lines. After some time the music evolved to world Beat, tribal, ethnic fusion, dance music with influences from all over the world. The interest in dance became more present, he discovered Ecstatic dance and other forms of dance and found that dancing was so beneficial for the personal, emotional, physical and spiritual development, opening up and discovering the freedom and authenticity. He started to pick dj’ing again and playing a lot of hes creations at ecstatic dance events. There was a call to start organising, holding space and play at ecstatic dance events in India, thailand and Europe. And share with others, what was for him such a beautiful exploration and growing in the being.

Kiri de Bruin

Kiri de Bruin

As a holistic therapist and intuitive coach I am experienced in holding people while they go through their healing process, making sure they feel seen and safe in order for them to grow even more. Reiki is a Japanese form of therapy for stress reduction and relaxation. It’s a simple, yet effective and safe technique to reduce anxiety and aids physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. Reiki treatment aids and speeds up the self-healing aspect of the body, promotes development of self, clears and harmonizes physically as well as emotionally. It lifts blockages and promotes relaxation. Intuitive coaching means focus (of attention) on all levels, such as physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual. Your body houses a large amount of wisdom about who you really are. To listen to your body can offer you more insight into this wisdom. The more you get to know yourself and the more you find out what defines your thoughts and behaviours, the more you can take (back) control over your life.

Selecta Alive

Selecta Alice

  Music and oxygen have the same vital need to her. Songs and records have always inhabited, more than anything, her life. Sharing music has always been one of her communication tools. First, the piano, from childhood, then, the radio at age 16, and later the first spontaneous incursions into the art of putting the right record at the right time. No plan or path. The passions take us without warning and, although she never thought of being a Dj, Selecta Alice is one of the pioneers and driving forces behind the movement of World Music played in a Dj set in Portugal. The rhythms of Africa, Latin America, the Balkans and India are obligatory stops in her sets, sound travels around the world. Worldbeat – world music, pure or in fusion with electronic beats, in a homage to the roots and the celebration of life through music and dance.

Zinn Da

Zinn Da

NGO Board (IN) ZinnDa: means to be alive! A free spirit and a bundle of pure joy, there is nothing this happy soul isn’t capable of! His evolution has been quite a journey, from being a techie to transforming into an Osho sannyasin. He was born with the heart of a nomad and has been a traveller for most of his life now. What’s his purpose? one might wonder! He has been closely working with the Osho Communes, spiritual festivals all around the world and the Contact Dance Community to help in bringing spiritual awareness and spreading peace in communities everywhere. This was the thought that lead him to create his NGO: Global Cultural Exchange Organisation that brings communities around the world and people from all walks of life together in a peaceful and harmonious environment of sharing and learning. Navgrah Shanti Yagna or The Fire Pooja for Peace and Prosperity: A Yagna or Havan is a traditional Indian Pooja ceremony that involves the recital of Vedic Chants and holy offerings(Samagri) made to the fire. The combined effect of these chants and the fire together cleanse and purify the air and aura. You are free to participate or observe during the ceremony. A brief explanation about the Havan, its scientific and spiritual benefits will also be discussed.

Sofia Brito

Sofia Brito

Massages are always tailored to the person receiving it, both for the needs that I assess directly from the dialogue of the hands and body, as well as carefully following the request and intentions / expectations that each person shares with me in the session. I am pleased when the person is transformed from the massage. ‘Regeneration and healing process’ Given that my background in Yoga and Shiatsu underlies my view of health and the natural rebalancing process that massage brings, these are holistic treatments. That is, the person is seen as a whole, taking into account the whole of the Being, including the culture and predisposition of the moment, the benefits are integral (physical, psychic, energetic and spiritual).

Martyn Zij Ecstatic Dance Dj

Martyn Zij

Martin Zij developed an unique taste for different music genres from all over the world, diverse but with a similar characteristic – music which gives space, excites trance and imagination but also ensures a presence in the  “here and now”.  His sound ranges from grounding bass & beats, tribal grooves to a more meditative and lyrical vibe. These he brings together in a funky and soul-full way touching the heart of the dancer and listener. As might be expected of a (ceremonial) musician he is guided by the energy on the dance floor, and is not afraid of unexpected surprises and twists in his DJ sets. One of the reasons to find his passion for deejay-ing was the discovery of Ecstatic Dance. Suddenly it became clear that all the music Martyn loves so much easily can come together in a set for this special phenomenon. At the end of 2013 Martyn became and is still one of the resident-deejays of Ecstatic Dance Amsterdam. From then on Martyn also got invited by diverse Ecstatic Dance Tribes in Netherlands and Europe. He loves to share the music, the dance and the joy with these communities and gets inspired by the different vibes of the unique happening every Ecstatic Dance is. After a few years deejaying Martyn started to combine his skills as a producer/musician with his experience as a deejay. He uses his studioskills to remix and rework different music from all of the world so they become “dance floor” friendly and he can include them in his deejay-sets. Next to these remixes he is also working on his own compositions and songs to spread and share his unique deep funky and heartwarming sound all over the world.

Porangui musician producer


“My art is that of holding sacred space. The degree to which I can hold space musically or in silence, on a stage or with a client on the treatment table, determines if magic will happen. Whether we are dealing with the space between notes or the space between breaths, the healing power of my work happens when I get out of the way and allow Spirit to move through me.”  ~Poranguí Reared among the three cultures of Brazil, Mexico and the U.S., Poranguí was steeped in various traditional forms of music, healing and ceremony since birth. Drawing from his cross-cultural background and ethnomusicology training at Duke University, Poranguí has over twenty years of international work experience as an artist, musician, educator, filmmaker, consultant and therapist, utilizing the healing properties of sound and movement to foster our individual and collective well being. https://www.porangui.com

Elina Ratna Breathwork

Elina Ratna

Breathwork Elina Ratna is an experienced Breathwork Coach, BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release therapist, body-worker, and Lifestyle & Wellness Strategist for Personal Empowerment. She facilitates Breathwork workshops, Embodiment & Detox Retreats, and offers private sessions worldwide. Her motivation is to support people on their journey of personal growth and empowerment, so they can connect with their potential and have a direct experience of their true self. Breath Circle is the fruit of her own journey as a practitioner with over 10 years of expertise in various forms of healing arts & therapy modalities, breathwork, meditation, somatics, conscious movement, psycho-spirituality and self-inquiry processes.

Shivani Ecstatic Dance

Shivani Cristiana

LifeMastery Shivani organizes Ecstatic Dance Ericeira, Portugal and is the founder of LifeMastery & LoveWay, offering holistic retreats, workshops and private sessions worldwide working with people for 15 years. She’s trained in OSHO therapies, Tantra, Meditation, Breath work, Energy Healing, Psycho-body therapies, Yoga & Coaching. Shivani creates a secure field of awareness, trust and love, where you can allow your heart to open and expand, mastering emotions and life’s energy, so you can free your potential and co-create a truly fulfilling life. Bringing the awareness of how we can re-connect with Earth and Sky, how to activate our Kundalini, how to transform and manage energy, how to access and use Heart’s energy to expand consciousness, how to heal through Love and rise vibration to One, Shivani’s aim is to contribute to the shift & spiritual evolution of human consciousness.

Gorden Massage


Massage Alchemy of touch with Gorden, Deep tissue – joint release – fluid touch Alchemy of Touch is a method of bodywork developed by Tapesh Paradiso. It is designed to elevate massage and bodywork to a new level, using different techniques from the Eastern and Western world into a single harmonized approach. The origin comes from Osho Rebalancing Massage India. Alchemy of Touch is the holistic understanding of the interconnectedness of the body, mind and soul. Releasing tension will open subtle energy channels or meridians through which the Qi or life force flows—restoring the body and mind to a state of balance, harmony and relaxation. Alchemy of Touch Massage is the profound fusion off: Rebalancing, Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Chi-Release, Joint Mobilization (Trager Technique), Yoga Thai massage, Digital Pressure Massage, Holistic Massage, Visceral Work, Meditation and Energy Work. These techniques will be integrated with the method of ‘Fluid Touch’. This technique uses wavelike movements, which allows energy to vibrate through the body improving fluidity and oxygen flow.

Arun Ji, Ecstatic Dance Dj

Arun Ji

Arun Ji has 10 years of experience as a conscious dance DJ, trained in emotional awareness and tantra with Astiko Lopez and is passionate for Gabrielle Roth’s teachings of the 5 Rhythms. Arun offers a wide spectrum of rhythms and melodies, with a range of sensations and emotions, creating a space of connection and exploration. In his musical journeys  meditation and celebration melt together in the dance. www.mixcloud.com/arunecstatic http://www.ecstaticdance.es

Volker Eschmann

Volker Eschmann

is an artist who positions his artistic work in the context of society. He develops and realize successfully concepts, strategies, and ways of working in the framework of various life-worlds. In relation to systems of expertise he understands non-artistic questions, problems, and prejudices, to respond to these professionally, and ground the relevance of his own work. He studied anthropology in J.W.Goethe University Frankfurt/Main with focus on rituals in traditional communities. Practical anthropological studies with the Griot (trad. mythteller) Nago Koite from Senegal/Berlin in african dance, music and storytelling He has bases in Berlin, Algarve and Goa. Volker is in the directors team of Goa Contact Festival, Goa Ecstatic Dance Festival, Body Love Festival, Ecstatic Dance Festival Germany, Portugal CI Gathering and Ecstatic Dance Festival Portugal. He is the founder of “Forgotten Land” and “Little House of Arts” at Arambol beach and a co-founder of the Yoga & Dance Retreat “Ibiza Moving Arts”, In Touch Festivals international and an original member of Spacewalk. Spacewalk works with interventions in social and spacious areas of conflict by using means and methods of theater, dance, music, video and visual arts.

Ben Pavlidis

Ben is a songwriter, producer, and also known as the frontman of the Berlin based band Ohrbooten. On his musical path he developed a deep passion for bass music and in his DJ-Sets, he is defiantly paying homage to the beloved bass frequency . The half Greek half German grew up in west berlin and the city has always fed him with an eclectic mix of urban ,world, and electronic music. The essence of all his genre is a super danceable mix of global bass music. For the last 3 years Ben has dedicated his passion for music and DJing to ECSTATIC DANCE and recently just started Ecstatic Dance Potsdam as resident DJ. He loves to create a wave with different emotional islands and will always serve a mixture of classics tracks and underground music soaked in a great bass-shower. ° soundcloud.com/ben-pavlidis ° kreismusik.de/de/pavlidis/ ° www.diegaeng.de

Astiko Tantra

Astiko Ji

She teaches tantra since 20 years. Her masters were Osho, Papaji, Guirida and Barry Long. Since she knew the nature of “What Is” she dedicated her life to share consciousness through tantra, Ericksonian Hipnosis, Human Design, breath work, etc… The aim of her work is to bring the mind back to its origin, to the total relaxed surrender to the Here and Now. Only in this space we know love and bliss.

Pascal de Lacaze

Pascal de Lacaze

Pascal de Lacaze from Berlin plays music at events around the globe. His focus on rhythm and dance has made him friends in many communities: Dancers dig how his innovative DJ style connects with his energetic, modern drumming. Musicians & audiences appreciate his steady, rocking world percussion and transcendental grooves. Since 2010 Pascal organizes Ecstatic Dances in Berlin. He is the resident DJ, accompanies his DJ sets with live percussion and cocreates live dance journeys. In workshops and at festivals Pascal facilitates Body Bhajan – a fun and easy combination of chanting and body percussion. He has been on a long musical journey, spanning from drumming on techno raves in the 90ies to being a drum-set player in a Jazz Big Band, conga drummer at club partys and percussionist for acclaimed Sacred music artists like Dave Stringer, Janin Devi, Kevin James Carroll, Lulu & Mischka, Peia. Pascal holds a Master of Arts degree in Cultural Sciences and has worked as a copywriter, editor and social media manager. He is a certified Yoga & AcroYoga teacher and has a deep understanding of how to support nourishing group experiences. www.pascaldelacaze.life .

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