Axis Syllabus, Movement Artisans: Flying

The program serves as foundation for new students to the Axis Syllabus or provides a
deepening for the more experienced. The two modules are focusing on Anatomy in Motion,
functional and context oriented coordination, connective theories and detailed movement
exploration. Each module weaves together a matrix of material that is experienced through
individual movement research, looping movement patterns, contact improvisation and other
dance and athletic forms. In addition we invite other somatic experts, speakers and surprises
(outdoor sessions, constraints-led practices, jam…) to expand the modes of learning and
experiencing as well as offering complementary embodiment practices and restorative time.

Arambol Beach, Goa

Welcome to our movement oasis, located at Arambol Beach, North Goa, India. Built by the community, for the community; Forgotten Land is where we come to learn, play, and connect. Our unique ocean-side dance floor is the perfect place to sing, dance, and perform together.

Welcome to two courses of axis syllabus in research & practices in Arambol at a beautiful
space called Forgotten Land directly at the Arabian Sea. The setting is a large dance space
with a restaurant and resting space next to the ocean and just a few minutes away from vibrant
Arambol life. The location offers space conducive to focused and creative learning processes.

Module 1: Earthing – January 2nd – 6th, 2019

(view Module 1 here)

Pelvis – Knee – Foot Anatomy / Ramping and Transitions Skills/ Undulatory Coordination

Wednesday – Sunday
Expect 5 – 6 hours of classes a day. Usually we start early around 9.30 am, long break during
the afternoon and some classes/events in the evening.

Module 2: Flying – January 30th – February 3rd, 2019

Shoulder Anatomy / Falling Patterns / Tone, Tension, Tissue Dynamics

Wednesday – Sunday
Expect 5 – 6 hours of classes a day. Usually we start early around 9.30 am, long break during
the afternoon and some classes/events in the evening.

Video links:

Axis Syllabus 20th Anniversary Film

Workshop with Kira

Workshop with Antoine

A few more words about the work:

The Axis Syllabus is an emergent pedagogical initiative which aims to build a system
of references for the human body in movement. The study and experience of anatomy,
biomechanics, physiology, somatics and physics is at the heart of our research. This
body of knowledge is continuously put in direct relationship with experiencing
movement. It is at this very specific intersection we are inviting you to join us.
The sessions oscillate between detailed anatomical study and dynamic dancing,
contact, sensing and trying again as well as repetitions of movement patterns mixed
with improvisation. It is important to us to create a space where you can enter your
own experience, have time to embody new coordinations, experiment and share a non-
judgemental collective process. video links video links
Expect hands on, practice as research, some theory and of course a lot of dancing.


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There are a limited amount of scholarships for indian citizens available.

Full scholarship is covering full tuition.
Please apply with a letter of motivation and a description of what kind of support you need.
​You are responsible for finding your own accommodation. On the Goa Contact Festival
website you will find some recommendations for places to stay.

To register and secure your spot you need to sent 100 Euro or the equivalent in INR or US$
via PayPal or bank transfer. This deposit is non-refundable. The remaining amount can be
paid in cash.

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Meet Your Facilitators


Kira Kirsch (GER)

Kira Kirsch is a movement artist, community organizer, mother and initiater/curator born in East-Berlin. After many years abroad she now works and lives with her family in Berlin as residents of Lake Studios – an artist run dance, production and performance place.

She is deeply invested into creating and shaping spaces for people to experience,learn about and sensitize their mind-body-movement continuum. She has pioneered, taught and continuously researched through the lens of the Axis Syllabus (AS) for over a decade, is a co-organiser of the Nomadic College at Earthdance, leads teacher laboratories and has build a community for AS research in the Bay Area, California from 2006 – 2012.

Antoine Ragot

Antoine was born in Poitiers, France and is now based in Berlin. Being an athlete throughout his first 20 years of life, his interest in the body manifested in two years of medical school which led to the university of sport sciences of which he graduated with a Bachelor degree specializing in education and motor skills. He then became involved in dance and different contact improvisation communities throughout France which brought him closer to unify his interests for the body, movement and performance. Today Antoine brings many years of teaching contact improvisation, sports and early motor development to his fastidious bent for research and sharing of the Axis Syllabus, of which he is a certified teacher. Antoine is known for his enthusiasm and infecting others with the movement-research-geek-syndrome. Currently, his research is oriented towards paleoanthropology and functional morphology as well as the refinement and development of athletic skills via a friction with the Axis Syllabus research and problem-solving situations.

Yulia Dolgova

Yulia’s dancing career started in Novosibirsk in 2005, where she studied Contemporary Dance and Contact Improvisation. She graduated from Novosibirsk State University with a degree in Mathematics earlier in the same city.

After moving to St. Petersburg in 2008 she started teaching dance and became one of the founders of Contact Improvisation Studio “Kiwi”. As the organizer of dance classes she built for herself an independent training program by inviting teachers like Steve Batts, Benno Voorham, Adrian Russi, Otto Akkanen, Natanja den Boeft, Katerina Basalaeva, Alexander Andriyashkin, Ilya Belenkov and others, as well as taking part in various dance projects and performances. Her interest to exploring the body in dynamic situations and to consciousness in actions led her to meeting Axis Syllabus – the system of movement analysis and training method, which significantly influenced her approach to dance and teaching. From 2010 to 2013 Yulia lived in California, studying Axis Syllabus with teachers like Kira Kirch, Ana Flecha, Frey Faust, Baris Mihci, etc. In 2015 she became a certified Axis Syllabus teacher.