200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

with Guru Suraj

We believe that the most important aspects of teaching include:
Truly respecting everyone’s unique individuality.
Honoring and communicating ancient traditions.
Empowering authentic expression in all aspects of our lives.

This training is an opportunity for individuals to experience an approach to yoga that is both radical and traditional. Here, we create self-empowered teachers who use their intuition, imagination, curiosity, and discipline to share these sacred traditions with the world.

Yoga Alliance Certified Trainings

February 9 - March 8

Who is this Course for?

Your intention is the most important thing. Perhaps you are an experienced Yoga practitioner who is seeking clarity or greater depth, or maybe you are just taking the first steps on your yogic path.
If you have a true desire to know your inner self, this course is right for you.

Course Intention

Our focus for this course is rooted in the three main paths of Yoga – Hatha, Raja, Bhakti. Together we will journey through a variety of practices like asana, pranayama and meditation. Here, we teach the balance between discipline and curiosity, while inspiring both strength and creativity in our students. We will set these traditional practices against a diverse backdrop of alternate perspectives of yoga and life itself. Together, we hope to realize a new vision of what yoga means for today’s world.

Upon completion of this training, you will receive either a Teaching Certificate (200hr Yoga Alliance Certified) or an Attendance Certificate. This decision will be based on your overall attitude and performance throughout the four week training. The 100hr training option does not provide a teaching certificate, but it offers equal intensity of depth and knowledge integration.

Our Vision

Our vision is to live a life with balance. We plant our roots in yoga, and spread our branches into the world. We believe that a yogi should be capable of looking both inwards and outwards simultaneously. The true essence of yoga can then move beyond the body and initiate a deeper inner journey. Our vision is to inspire students like you to bring yoga into all aspects of your life. Here at Forgotten Land, we empower you to “become the teaching.”

Course Content


We place a strong emphasis on these various aspects of practice: alignment, meditation, imagery, improvisation, pranayama, and complete somatic involvement.


We will deepen our studies within the art of listening, movement sequencing, body-reading, exploration of energy pathways, and the art of touch.

Anatomy and Physiology:

Western Anatomy:
Basic studies will include muscular, skeletal and nervous systems. These concepts will be applied in relation to each asana. These classes will be led by a guest teacher, an expert in this field.

Yogic Anatomy: The Chakras will be introduced and applied to specific asana work. Chakra mediations and energetic alignment will be practiced regularly.

Movement Analysis Studies: The program will include additional techniques such as Axis Syllabus. These classes will support your understating of the body in motion, as well as the relationship to each asana.


Specific readings will be assigned and discussed each week. These readings will be selected from a variety of great master’s reflections of yogic living, including the studies of Patanjali’s Yoga sutras.

We believe in empowering you to both learn and teach. During the course we will focus on specific classical Hatha Yoga postures, sun salutations, and meditation. With a foundation in these understandings, we will then encourage you to be more creative as you explore “your” way of teaching.

We will encourage and support you to learn and share in many diverse ways. However, there will also be significant periods of silent reflection time aside from studying. During these times, you will be encouraged to practice silence, solitude, and meditation.

There will be weekly assignments as well as written, verbal, and practical assessments.

The main exams will include:
Anatomy (week 2)
Philosophy (week 3)
Asana Test & 1hr Teaching Class (week 4).

Meet your Facilitator

Ancestral yogic traditions have always played an influential role in Guru Suraj’s life. His upbringing revolved around a family history focused on yogic philosophy and ancient wisdom. His father ran a meditation center from their home, which meant that Guru began attending classes at the age of 4. To this day, he honors these sacred practices, but he also seeks outside of his ancestral lineage to the teachings of modern contemporary art, improvisational dance, and somatic exploration.

Guru graduated from The Government College of Fine Arts in Chennai and then continued to receive a master’s degree in Philosophy of Yoga. Years of study in various somatic and artistic teachings have taught Guru to be open and accepting of many other methodologies in addition to his traditional system of practice.

Guru has dedicated his life to being immersed in the diversity of different cultures.
Guru has been involved with our Forgotten Land community since he was 19 years old, and he has organized both art installations and yoga camps around the world. Guru now offers trainings which open the door for traditional Yoga to meet improvised dance and contemporary arts.

In the training which he is offering at Forgotten Land, Guru bridges both the radical and the traditional. He invites us to strengthen our creativity, discipline our curiosity, and learn through sharing.

“If you just set people in motion, they’ll heal themselves.”

Gabrielle Roth

Costs & Registration

Cost of the Full Program is: 1350€
This price includes tuition, food, course manual, and complimentary yoga mat.

Cost of Accommodation: 300€ (additional)
This is double bedroom in a private house next to the yoga school.

We request that you make a 25% deposit in order to secure your place in the course.

If you would like to register, please fill out the form below! If you have any questions, you can share them here.