Art Ashram at the Palmforest small
Guru Suraj under tree at Art Ashram
jungle next to Art Ashram

Undo, unwind, unplug at Art Ashram

Our new venue the Art Ashram at Temple Road opens November 2018 and is created to dive deeper in your experience, immerse in the disciplines of movement, arts and consciousness. Breathing in the heart of nature in a peaceful authentic atmosphere of unspoiled countryside lifestyle. Connecting nature within, undo unnecessary city-life patterns. Giving yourself the time to unwind and feel the warm embracing arms of community life. The elements, the plants and animals play an important role in the Art Ashram. Get back in touch and re-establish our naturally given connection.

Take the chance to unplug yourself from the omni present digital media, let yourself be led by your own creative spirit. Re-awake long forgotten but not lost elements in yourself. All arts come from within one source in us. Here at the Art Ashram all art disciplines are ONE we honour and celebrate human creativity. We respect in every human the artist within and know about the ability to walk its unique spiritual path to awake its own creative potential.

A long grown and heartfully esthablished community is at home at Forgotten Land & Art Ashram. Here you find the friends and carefull support you might need for your journey.

Art Ashram Community Performance. Invited are the artists of Arambol community to co-create a space of magic, love and spirit. Creating together ceremonial performance happenings at Art Ashram related to the moon circle.

Here the arts of poetry, music, dance, painting, acting, visuals and sculturing coming together and melting into one performative ceremonie in nature. Guests are invited to be part of it being supported in joining with costumes, painting, sculpturing, dancing and playing. Live music and Dj dance music will bring all together. The entry will be on donation base.

Art Ashram programe is being related to the moon calendar. During all season there will be arts workshops, ceremonie and ritual like Puja, Temaszcal, CI Jams, men & women circle, tea & cacao ceremonies, temple dance and singing circles. With an outdoor dance space, a yoga & dance shala, an handcrafts workshop, sweat lodge, fire place, massage temple, outdoor stage, chill outs, communal kitchen and an artist residency house open all year.

The Art Ashram invites you to stay and co-create the field that connects us with the wisdom nature holds on earth.

The very center of your heart is where life begins. The most beautiful place on earth.
~ Rumi