Axis Syllabus Forgotten Land Arambol Goa



Kira Kirsch and Antoine Ragot, Movement Artisans, offer two Axis Syllabus courses in the village of Arambol, Goa. Each course can be taken independently, however the attendance to both will bring a more comprehensive educational perspective.


EARTHING – Course 1:

January 2 to 6th (5 days)

at the Forgotten Land

Lumbar-Hip-Sacrum/ Ramping and Transitions Skills/ Undulatory Coordination


FLYING – Course 2:

January 30th to February 3rd (5 days)

at Forgotten Land

Shoulder Complex / Falling Patterns / Tone, Tension, Tissue Dynamics


The Axis Syllabus is a trans-disciplinary research platform, a myriad of lenses and an educational perspective in relation to human movement. Knowledge is assembled and experimented with from several fields of research including biomechanics, physics, anatomy, physiology, anthropology, neurosciences and an expansive collection of empirical knowledge.



​video links:

Axis Syllabus 20th Anniversary Film

​Workshop with Kira

Workshop with Antoine​



Development of your own movement potential

Fine-tuning and improvement of coordination


Dynamic alignment studies: biomechanics from theory to practice

Neurophysiology applied to movement

Felt physics and anatomy in motion

Creative and situational strength training


Themes and propositions are met and interwoven with contact improvisation, dancing, meaningful movement puzzles, floor work, strength and coordination training and hands-on work.



Anyone looking for bridges between movement practice, theory and critical educational approach

Movement teachers, dance artists, athletes, therapists or body workers wanting to expand or reconfigure their movement/teaching/healing practice and analytic abilities

Movement Artisans are driven by an ongoing curiosity for movement research, the wonder of the human body and the art of transmission. Together, Kira Kirsch & Antoine Ragot bring many years of teaching through the lense of the Axis Syllabus. Their backgrounds in contemporary dance, Contact Improvisation, improvisation, sport science, pedagogy, hands-on intra-action and somatic communication build a rich palette of inquisitive material.


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