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Reiki, Breath work, Trauma release


When I first came to India 30 years ago, I was depressed, suicidal and hopeless. Even then, I intuitively perceived that the western, materialistic worldview is not right for me, that it is the wrong way for me to shape my life. Subject to the “western conditioning” it was the only right thing for me to leave this birthright system to find myself and to find peace and to rediscover the joy of life.

I brought with me many traumas from my childhood. Thanks to India, the traveling and the special people who came into my life and gave me tools, I liberated myself and my life. Many of these tools not only helped me in my situation at the time, I still use them and have integrated them into my life and I Pass them on. Not to forget … Grace & Blessings from all my masters.

For more than 20 years I have been offering massages, Reiki initiations, breath work, trauma release, kinesiology, Bach flower therapy & homeopathy as a companion. I am also the mother of a now 16-year-old son. In a fulfilling relationship with Arun, we live together mainly in Arambol in Goa, India.


Oshobreath (Suchira & Arun)

-LIONS ROAR   We will focus on the throat Vishudha Chakra – it’s about expression. We use different  fun & playful excercises to stimulate the chakra and they will lead us into a powerful and releasing breathsession.

LOVERS DELIGHT  we focus on the heart ANAHATA Chakra – topics are broken hearts and selflove. As well we go  for different playful and stimulating exercises, then we open the space for surrendering into our own deep breath journey.

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