The Importance of Community

Forgotten Land has always been created by the community – for community

We come together, to connect through movement, music, and play. Each of us has the chance to discover our own creative source, and to then share with the world through outer expression.

None of this would be possible if it weren’t for each dedicated member of our growing family. Ever teacher, every musician, every event attendee is part of the community. Together, we have turned this vision into a reality.

Friends often ask us, 
“How can I get involved?”  
“How can I support the community?” 

In the last 10 years hundreds of people have contributed countless hours towards the building of this global community movement. From dance teachers to graphic designers, from artists to economic experts, from musicians to therapists/educators, from cooks to technicians: a silent and steady team has been working behind the scenes to bring Forgotten Land into being.

Together, we discover new ways to contribute and grow.

These are some of the area in which we could currently use support:

Gathering Venues/Land

If you are a land/venue owner, or if you have connections to locations that may be ideal for future Forgotten Land gatherings, please email us directly at volkereschmann@gmail.com Currently we are connected to spaces in India, Portugal, and Germany. In the locations where choose to we hold our events, we work with land/space owners who are connected and inspired by the core Forgotten Land vision. These collaborations create win/win situations that support the greater good of the whole (rather than profit-driven business goals). In 2021 we are acquiring property in Portugal for an new permanent space for our community.

Angel Investors/Community Sponsors

In the past, we have been able to create some of our most memorable experiences due to angel investment and donations from individual community members. This year we are seeking investment and partnership in order to purchase and build a permanent center from which to grow our community in Portugal. We are currently seeking Private Credit (without interest) from Business Angels who are aligned with our community values. These investments will go directly into purchasing land and building the physical structure for a long term Forgotten Land Center.

"Life itself shows the way"


Do you have experience in grant-writing, fundraising, or managing crowd-funded campaigns? We are looking for support in our 2021 efforts to raise money for the purpose of building a permanent center for the Forgotten Land community. The fundraising skills we are looking for include contributing public relations, personal networking, introductions to potential partners, connections to foundations and movements.

Here we want to say thanks to the people that have already contributed to make this vision a reality!