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Contact Improvisation Facilitator

Since he was 18 years old, Ivan has studied yoga and meditation along with multiple spiritual teachings. At the age of 20 he encountered a martial art teacher who for several years taught him basic principles of movement which later on he found in Contact Improvisation. For many years his passion to explore physics and communication through dance and movement continued in the form of free research.

Ivan studied different modern dance forms and social dances, and although they were not fulfilling his interest for free improvisation they gave a lot of material for further exploration of the dance.
For the first time he meet contact improvisation in 2013.

Since 2018 he has been teaching Contact Improvisation in Russia, India, Thailand and Indonesia.
Ivan is a passionate practitioner of multiple art forms: music, theatre, butoh, tango and many more, integrating every piece of knowledge into the practice of CI. His unique characteristic is curiosity for self research through direct experience and analytical decomposition of the movement.

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