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Nicole Sulzbacher

Awareness & Movement

Nicole Sulzbacher- Brazil. Medicine woman, intuitive, mother, dancer, researcher of the paths of the soul. For seventeen years I investigate and facilitate practices and tools for connection, healing, awareness and movement for the purpose of serving love. I’m a Therapist, Kundalini Yoga teacher,  I’m facilitating ThetaHealing® courses and Quantum Being – Deep Emotional Listening I met Contact Improvisation in 2007, and I fell in love with this form of dance. I traveled to many countries in Europe and South America to be part of Contact Improvisation festivals and participated in several studies and workshops of movement, such as Dance Therapy Maria Fux method, Five Rhythms, Authentic Movement, Feldenkrais Method, Body mind Center. In 2013, I graduated in Dance and Somatic Education at ISLO – Finland.

I spent approximately ten years traveling, sharing and receiving classes, courses, retreats and therapeutic sessions. I was born in Brazil and lived in London, Barcelona, India and Finland . I spent seasons in Chile, Ecuador, Peru. Now I’m based in Portugal have a space in nature where I offer courses and retreats.

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