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Tantra Facilitator

I dream with… a world where all people live connected with themselves, with their bodies and with the Love that is their essence. And where all relationships are conscious – authentic, intimate and based on Love and trust (and not on fear or codependency!) – so that Love can flow freely and be celebrated in fullness and joy.

They say about me that I am a wise woman in experiences, authentic, close, deep, magical, happy, playful and that I transmit love, strength and generosity. That I am capable of generating a space of love, freedom and joy, from which I accompany others to discover Love and remove internal obstacles.

A long and extensive journey

For a girl born and raised in a small town in Andalusia, with many limiting beliefs about love and happiness that made me feel unworthy, self-conscious, disconnected, rigid…, sometimes I am surprised by the long and extensive road traveled. Tour not only around the world (exploring and living in very diverse cultures for about 20 years), but also through the human experience, experiencing a personal transformation that today allows me to live myself in a much more connected, present, loving, free, authentic, and celebratory way. and fuller than I could ever imagine before.


Now, it is an honor to be able to join others in this exciting and rewarding transformation back home.

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