Contact Improvisation Meeting Portugal 20-26 June 22


Gently, we’ll dive in again to CI and somatic work with intensive workshops, classes and labs. We’ll offer space and guidance for bodywork, live music and some sharing circles to talk about this unique moment in our life, as humans and dancers. Contact Improvisation, Body-Mind Centering®, Movement Research, Bodywork and live Music.


Marta Wrzesinska (PL/SP)Dancer and contact improvisation teacher, independent artist, teacher, passionate about dance improvisation, contemporary dance, somatic methods (Feldenkrais, Susan Klein), martial arts (Aikido, Systema) and movement as a means of personal growth and a way to express herself. She has trained in contemporary dance with Iris Muñoz, Michalle Mann, Leonardo Robayo, Lucía Marote; in contact improvisation with Cristiane Boullosa, Karl Frost, Martin Keough, Mirva Mäkinen, Urs Stauffer, Dani and Eckhi, Sebastian Flegiel among others and Integrative Body Process (ICP) in Escuela In Corpore with Antonio del Olmo. With different companies he continues to investigate the technique of CI, multidisciplinary improvisation, video dance and performance. She has collaborated with several artists both in Poland and Spain, among them: leOma, Teatro Biuro Podrozy, Alter Ego, Proyecto Open Spaces, Sharon Fridman, La Paxton Evolution, dance company. This year he is looking for new inspirations in the martial arts and play-fight method of Bruno Caverna. She lives in Madrid. 

Howard Sonenklar (US/PT) has been involved with movement studies, CI, contemporary dance, theatre and somatic intregration techniques ( notably BodyMind Centering, Fasciatherapy) for the past 40 years.  He has taught and performed extensively throughout Europe and South America since the 1980’s.  He is highly respected for his teaching and most well known for his integration of innovative movement research combining principles of perception, touch, and shadow expression.

Within the context of the Contact improvisation festival I would like to offer a research that hopes to question ourselves about our essence, our silence, our integrity with our truth through movement. The opportunity to feel the power of expressing and witnessing ourselves and others through various lenses of perception. 

Nina Wehnert (GER) is a Body-Mind Centering® Teacher and Practitioner and teaches BMC® in workshops, trainings, retreats and festivals around Europe. She is part of the core staff of moveus, the Licensed BMC® Certification Training Program in Germany. She is also offering her own Body-Mind Centering® Training Programs in Berlin and Munich, Germany. Her background is contemporary dance, aswell as dancing and teaching Contact Improvisation for more than 25 years and teaching Yoga for more than 15 years.

Body-Mind Centering® into Contact Improvisation

We will explore our relationship to earth and space in and around us. The responsiveness to gravity and levity that travels through our body. The availability of our tissues for touch. Our physicality in relation. How do we orient ourselves through the constancy of change and impermanence?

We will explore aspects of being and doing. Inner fluid-membrane balance. A quiet and soft spine, the spirilic movement through our limbs, the relationship of center and periphery. Developmental movement patterns will be part of our explorations for ease and lightness aswell as juicyness and power for our dances.

Itay Yatuv (ISR) Former Artistic director of the Hakvutza Dance School, Itay has been practicing and teaching CI for 20 years. Trained as a contemporary dancer in New York, Italy and Israel. Itay is an Aikido practitioner, a practice he integrates in his dance work. In the last decade, Itay has been developing the Contakids method which invites children and parents to play together through movement and touch.

Labbing our way through

A class will start with exploration of movement skills on our own such as floor work, falling into the floor, using momentum, and arraigning our limbs to meet the floor in effecting way. With a partner we’ll try to do the same.

Our class will be in lab shades. A process that will be based on play and communication with each other. We store knowledge and wisdom within ourselves. Our friction with each other will help us flood them.

Tiago Rouxinol born in Portugal in 1977 and moved to Brazil in 1999 where he became a Capoeira teacher. Traveling around Latin America he fell in Love with music and went to Cuba to study percussion. Looking for the roots went several times to West Africa to learn traditional and tribal instruments such as djembe, kora, balafon. Became a multi instrumentalist and created 2 bands of world music that still exist, Yemadas and Onda 9. Also he has been making a research on how to include everybody into the music and started to study Body music with a great master Keith Terry- Cross Pulse. Some years ago he created and facilitated the Music for All workshop  based on Body percussion and Circle Singing, where people can learn many music games and different forms of developing rhythm and coordination in a very playful way without using instruments , but simply their bodies!

Samuel del Bello (PT) is a mover and life explorer. A vagabond who loves to play, to experience, to integrate and get inspired from diverse people and disciplines. Deeply rooted in his own body and somatic experience outgrows the desire for connecting with the other, authenticity express and communicate, listen, move together, support, dance and rise each others up. Low gravity field – water sessions – I offer this as an invitation to explore ourselves in relation to the water element. Coming from our own bodies and inner waters, tapping in our cellular and embryological memory. We go on to explore movement and its qualities in this familiar and unique environment. Be water my friend.