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Body-Mind Centering® into Dance

13 – 16 October 2022     Algarve, Portugal

The Mystery of Potential- Early Developmental Movement Patterns

In this workshop we will explore certain milestones of our developmental movement patterns. We delve into the mystery of our potential- a beginning movement vocabulary that allows growth and interaction in this world.

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Artistic Vision

In human development we pass through certain stages of movement, articulation and presence. Our development begins in fluid environment, later earth, space and our social environment are our partners and we eventually become a human being that can dance.

We will explore folding, unfolding, yielding, pushing, reaching, pulling, holding, letting go and breathing. We will explore our relationship to earth and space in and around us. Moments of embryological development, the interrelationship of core and periphery., the inner support of a soft spine will develop. We will discover the inner organisation of the body’s function and how it balances movement, awareness, stillness and action. Even now our movements and expressions are informed by these early developmental movement patterns. When we revisit them we can find nourishment, ease and lightness in our movements. They offer the possibility to rediscover fundamental interrelations in our bodies and inner freedom through balance and integration.

Our proposal

You are warmly invited to join if you are interested in indepth explorations of movement, dance and being. We will move and dance alone, with a partner, through the support of touch, anatomical details and Contact Improvisation. Authentic Movement will be used as form of integration.
Delicious vegetarian and vegan meals with mainly local products will be cooked for us. One evening will be an optional Contact Improvisation Jam.
Arrival and Registration: Thursday 14h-15h
Thursday 16h-19h
Friday 10h-13h and 16h-18.30h
Saturday 10h-13h and 16h-18.30h
Sunday 10h-13.30h
Departure: Sunday after Lunch

Quinta Braz


Nina Wehnert

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Closest Airport is Faro by taxi it takes about 25 minutes and costs are 30-40€. There is also a train from Faro central station to Tavira (3-4€) and from there you would need to take a taxi, costing 8-10€. Exact location we will send you after registration.


We recommend to bring your car if you have one. We are about 15 min drive from the ocean. And only 5 min walk to little sweet village with ATM, Cafe, Shop, Postoffice.


There is WIFI Internet, but its slow! Use this days to live the new luxury of being UNPLUGGED and RELAXE completely.


Our wonderfully international team of chefs prepare Mediterranean vegetarian dishes with love and taste. We buy organic food from local farmers as much as possible.
Please contact us in advance if you have any food intolerances.

Ticket Infos


Prices incl. full course, accommodation and food, from 310€- 535€

310€ discount price for portuguese resident & helper in own tent
40€ discount in exchange of 1.5 h help in kitchen and cleaning everyday

60€ discount on regular price


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