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Contact Improvisation Summer Training Vega & Hugh

27 August – 06 September 2023

Berlin, Somatische Akademie

We invite you to our intensive summer training

We are offering a 9 days training program in Contact Improvisation in Berlin.

27 Aug -1 Sep and 4-6-Sept / 10-17.00 with lunch break

The training will give participants an embodied understanding of the underlying principles of Contact Improvisation and offer our perspective into important technical aspects that support safe and physically expressive movement, and tools for ongoing personal practice for finding a deep and rounded experience of the form.

To get the full most from the training and for the group to progress together as a whole we recommend participants to commit to the whole training. The training will be separated in to 2 sections separated with two day rest between each section for integration, rest and recovery.

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Grounding & Earth

The Earth is our first partner. It is always there to support us and catch us. By giving time to sink into stillness, using the breath as a tool to drop tension from the body and release into the floor, we can allow space to open to, and discover new movement possibilities from a place of tuned attention and open curiosity.

Through letting go and yielding to Gravity, the body can find easy strength and soft structure. The more time we can give the body to release and let go, the easier it is to feel the subtlety of these principles. This approach, based more in the realm of Somatics and ‘developmental movement patterns’, requires patience and deep listening. Sometimes it may feel like we are ‘doing nothing’ and this can be quite challenging at first. But going slow can open a greater capacity for the body to absorb new information. A practice of un-doing. Releasing to re-learn.

Through slowing down and taking more time, we sink into the deeper tissues that move slower than the muscles. Feeling the sliding of fascia, the rolling of the organs, the flowing of liquids through the body. Then, when we enter physical connection with another body we have a softer body tone, allowing greater sensitivity and awareness.

The spine is an endless source of fascination and discovery. We will study how it moves- playing with the many different qualities and vast ranges of motion. We will offer specific movement patterns for optimal spine efficiency. This material is very helpful for integrating pathways in the body that are useful when entering contact and also opening up new possibilities in your own body, as well as investigating principles to give ‘offerings’ and ‘invitations’ to others.

The spine, spirals. Falling & Catching

Spirals are everywhere. The whole universe moves in infinite spirals, and the body loves to move this way too. We often work with the image of the Double Helix (DNA strand) – a brilliant image for 2 spines joining in motion. Spirals are efficient and effective. They can generate power or dissipate energy, build momentum and inertia in any plane or level of motion and transition easily between levels. Opening up the many possibilities of multidirectional movement and entering to the backspace. The more we research spirals in our dance, the more we find.

We will begin by playing with gravity and momentum, focusing on the ideas of falling and flying- both in solo movement, and in contact. Starting close to the ground and building up through levels, we develop confidence in our own abilities,
building trust in the body.

By researching in our solo movement the subtle mechanics of ‘small dance’, suspension & reaching, we progress towards using momentum and spirals to learn, fluid ways to lift one-another through ‘catching a ride’. Working with the frame and structure of the arms, we will explore ways connect to space and find counterbalance in the body, providing frames to both lift and be lifted, and offer structures to be explored. We will focus in on the details and technique of body tone, alignment and small points of contact, that help with finding lightness in being lifted and efficiency in lifting.

As well as these specific focuses, there will also be time given to more free exploration, to integrate the material into the dance naturally and organically.


Somatic Academy


Motion*s Berlin


Vega Luukkonen

Hugh Stanier

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Closest Airport is Berlin Airport BER or by train Berlin Central Station/ Hauptbahnhof. The Somatic Academy you find in the wonderful area Kreuzberg at the canal, next subway Kottbusser Tor or Schönleinstrasse. 5 min walk to Somatische Akademie. Adress: Paul-Lincke-Ufer 30,10999 Berlin, Germany, Tel. +49.30.1202-8468


In the middle of the beautiful Kreuzberg district, directly on the canal. You will find wonderful cafes, stores, parks and markets all around. Many economical Airbnb and hostel offers.


Located in the heart of perhaps the most beautiful district of Berlin, you will find many restaurants, cafes and canteens within walking distance to suit every budget.

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REGULAR – 610 low income / 710 employed / 810 abundaned


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