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Production Training Module One

7 – 12 April 2024     Algarve, Portugal


Learn how to create transformative gatherings that turn your vision into reality.

Whatever your heart desires – Ecstatic Dance Retreat – Healing Festival – Contact Improvisation Camp – Cacao Ceremony –  Every discipline, every form, every content can be recombined in any constellation. If you follow a few basic principles, have an alert mind and an open heart, you can make your event a success.

This training is an introduction to our work and is aimed at people who already have experience in the field of organization.

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Artistic Vision

Discover an artistic path to designing organizations. Immerse yourself in a profound process by following your inner voice, authentically leading and implementing projects.

If you feel inspired to realize projects that are close to your heart, we invite you to take part in this training. We are a globally connected organization and follow our path to encourage people to trust their unique creative abilities.

Our goal is to provide you with knowledge that will empower you to realize projects independently. At the same time, our permaculture training takes place at the same location, the two groups meet in dance, meditation and leisure activities. Our teachers teach with different focuses in both training courses. This promotes synergies through networking and exchange and helps with the integration of experienced people.

Our proposal

TRAINING CONTENT Artistic approach / project method / authentic leadership / rituals / permaculture / networking / marketing / business models

PROJECT METHOD  in four phases. Vision/ Planning/ Management/ Realization. The goal this week is to design your own project.

After Module One a CERTIFIED PROGRAM begins. The EMBODIED COMMUNITY GATHERING PRODUCTION TRAINING, consisting of several face-to-face events/+online lessons/+individual coaching sessions. The MODULE ONE  is recognized in the certified program. If suitable, there is the possibility of working with Forgotten Land productions. Read more..

APPLICATION Please fill out the online form and we will get in touch with you. In the next step, we will have a Zoom call to get to know each other and understand your needs and motivation for this training.


Pascal de Lacaze

Lars Blume

Sophie de Lacaze

Laura Sofia

Volker Eschmann

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I took part in Volkers Production Training last year and was able to gain a lot from it. I felt very recognized and supported in my strengths. The regular feedback meetings helped me a lot through all the ups and downs of the process and gave me a lot of support and support during challenging phases. At the same time, I feel that my need for a free and creative way of working is in good hands with him. What I particularly appreciate about Volker is his open, experimental, but still very grounded and experienced way of working and I am now working with him on a new project that is close to my heart.


I’ve had the pleasure to work with Volker during a period of 12 years in the context of co-organizing Goa contact festival. I see Volker as the great conductor, who knows exactly how to orchestrate a masterpiece. He has a ability to recognize people’s strengths and talents and find the right place for everyone, so that they can contribute their unique qualities and engage in a nourishing process. He also has the willingness and the time even in the middle of most stressful event to support people with their needs. His wise insights arise from his ability to see larger frame, and not to get lost in details or drama. He sincerely wants to make people around him shine and rise into their highest potential. Witnessing his determination to focus and pay attention makes me believe that he can go through any obstacle in the process of manifesting his dreams and visions.

Iiris Raipala/ dance artist, performer & teacherFinland

Volker Eschmann and I met in 2011 while working together in his Festival intouch.
I was a young choreographer in Berlin ready to burst my ideas into action.
Volker recognized my talent and passion for the arts, and supported my early journey as a maker. As we know today as an artist you need to self produce your work, create a solid structure, plan ahead, communicate with your audience.. With his sharpness and long time international experience, Volker knew how to lead me, with a lot of listening and care, to widen my perspective and helped me to translate my vision into action. He could map situations, build strategies and design a remarkable plan for your creation. Till today every session is priceless.

Shiran Eliaserov / ChoreographerIsrael

Volker has been supporting and motivating me to realize my heartfelt projects for years. His practical expertise in project development in the field of art and culture is based on many years of experience in festival organization, leading teams and carrying out social and cultural projects such as “Forgotten Land”. Volker has the talent to move people in different cultural circles and to create space for deep encounters and long-lasting intercultural friendships between participants in events, retreats and festivals in different countries (e.g. in India, Portugal, Germany, etc.).

As his assistant, I was able to accompany and support him in various projects over 4 years (Goa Contact Festival, Contact Gathering Portugal, Body Love Festival, Berlin Contact Festival). I watch how he helped other cultural institutions overcome crises and never lose sight of their focus. When I was ready to start my own projects, I could count on his lasting advice. He gave me the courage and practical tools to also organize festivals and retreats. I am very happy that he continues to be there for me as a mentor and now also a friend.

Zuzanna Bukowski/ Organiser, IT Consultant, DancerPoland

Several personal life coaching sessions with Volker helped me gain clarity and define my vision. We worked together to identify and set achievable inspirational personal goals. By asking me the right questions, he helped me gain a deeper understanding of my values and beliefs.

Nata TarbaIndia



Sun 7th

Mon 8th

Tue 9th

Wed 10

Thu 11th

Fri 12th

8.15- 9.00

Meditation- New Vision

Meditation- New Vision

Meditation- New Vision

Meditation- New Vision

Meditation- New Vision

9.15 -10.00






10.15- 12.45

VISION/ Volker Eschmann

PLANNING/ Volker Eschmann

MANAGING/ Volker Eschmann

REALIZATION/ Volker Eschmann

PRESENTATION/ Volker Eschmann


Sharing & Deepening

Sharing & Deepening

Sharing & Deepening

Sharing & Deepening

Closing Circle


Arrival 12 -14.30







Welcome Circle


Session / BUSINESS/ Lars Blume

AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP/ Sophie de Lacaze – Zoom

MARKETING/ Volker Eschmann


Sharing & Deepening

Session / PERMACULTURE/ Lars Blume

Sharing & Deepening

NETWORKING/ Pascal de Lacaze – Zoom








Music & Movement

Music & Movement



Quinta Braz


Closest Airport is Faro by taxi it takes about 25 minutes and costs are 30-40€. There is also a train from Faro central station to Tavira (3-4€) and from there you would need to take a taxi, costing 8-10€. Exact location we will send you after registration.


We recommend to bring your car if you have one. We are about 15 min drive from the ocean. And only 5 min walk to little sweet village with ATM, Cafe, Shop, Postoffice.


There is WIFI Internet, but its slow! Use this days to live the new luxury of being UNPLUGGED and RELAXE completely.


Our wonderfully international team of chefs prepare Mediterranean vegetarian dishes with love and taste. We buy organic food from local farmers as much as possible.
Please contact us in advance if you have any food intolerances.

Ticket Infos

Registration is open!

Training fee early bird 650€ till 20 Dec 2023 // regular 750€ – Overnight stay & full board 300€ / in own tent or van – to 525€ / single room

After you registered we will invite you to a zoom call first to get to know each other and understand your needs and motivation for this training.


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