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Seki Method Essentials

29 Aug – 9 Sept 2022     Algarve, Portugal

12 days SEKI METHOD ESSENTIALS in Portugal

Over the course of twelve days participants will dive into the essentials of The Seki Method, learning its principals of dance training and experiencing its holistic approach to body and mind. Meditation and bodywork are the starting points for cultivating a clear mind, which is the door to our intuitive wisdom from where dance and creativity spring.

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Where we begin: aligning body and mind to find presence and a naturally creative state.

What is the point of departure in the creative process? You will explore elements of presence work, allowing body and mind to arrive and become centered. This state is in relation to gravity, where you are aligned: both grounding into the Earth, and expanding. From this absolute state of being, where you are hanging from the Earth, perception expands and natural creativity becomes alive and available.


TRUSTING the unknown
Creativity is always new: joy naturally bubbles up from the inner child who knows how to move and create. 

The course will help you deepen your sense of your true nature and explore your unique movement. The Seki Method – which includes dance, imagination, breathing exercises and voice and energy work – will help you contact the inner child who is the joyful natural creator! And trust more in your ability to go beyond what is in conscious awareness.

EXCHANGE between inner and outer worlds

Researching movement to experience interconnectivity with the environment and others.

This part of the course focuses on the self within Nature. Listening to the deep self and the outer world brings up moments of dialogue and exchange.


DEEPEN into your own creative process
Synthesise the learning and find how to use your own creativity for the unfolding of your individuality.

Through imagination and energy work we will tap into the unconscious to find out where, when and how to use its contents and energy to best support the unfolding uniqueness of the individual.


Vinha Velha


Minako Seki

Franziska Gerth

Inalu Antoli

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The closest Airport to the venue is Faro Airport, 60 min distance by car. Lisbon is 3.5 hours away. We want to encourage you to think about using a train, bus or car sharing if you come from Europe. There are well organised economic connections from all bigger cities.
Please keep in mind the most economic plane tickets have late arrivals in Faro Airport. So you need to book a night in a hostel there. Unfortunatly you can´t come a day earlier to the farm.
From Faro airport you can take public transportation by bus and train/ about 25€, or a taxi /about 90€. Bus from Airport to train station Faro every 30 min/ 3€.

Pick up from Barao Sao Joao to Farm / 8€ per person give notice a few days in advance.
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Public Transport

TRAIN FARO _LAGOS / 8-14€/ every 40 min


BUS LAGOS- BARAO DE SAO JOAO / 3€/ every 90 min

PICK UP FROM BARAO DE SAO JOAO to Farm / 8€ per person give notice a few days in advance.
Contact us:


We recommend to bring your car if you have one. We are about 15 min drive from the ocean. And only 7 min drive to little sweet village with ATM, Cafes, Shop, Postoffice.


There is WIFI Internet, but its slow! Use this days to live the new luxury of being UNPLUGGED and RELAXE completely.


Our wonderfully international team of chefs prepare Mediterranean vegetarian dishes with love and taste. We buy organic food from local farmers as much as possible.
Please contact us in advance if you have any food intolerances.

Ticket Infos

Cost Accommodation and food:

Yurt (provided, based on 2 people sharing) + Food: 344 per person. Macrobiotic and ayurvedic meals are cooked by our chef.

Plus Training fee:

12 days of The Seki Method Essentials. Regular price: Sliding scale: €650 – €856 3 installments available. Please talk to us if you’d like to set up a payment plan.


Registration by email to Franziska Gerth

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