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Truth is Timeless Festival

20 – 24 Dec 2023    Goa, India

Heart Medicine Festival * The Rusta Arambol / Goa

Live Bands / African Oriental – Darlini and the Faralights/ Live Ecstatic – Adrian Atma / Indian Classical – Shiwam Dhrupad Drost / Persian Fusion – 

Ancient Indian Rituals * Tantra & Self Exploration * All Night Gong Bath * Movement Workshops * Kundalini Yoga * Osho Breathing * Singing Circles * Art Handcraft & Oracle * Cacao Ceremonie * Men/ Women/ Queer Work * Sweatlogde * Finish Sauna * Pool

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Hello You. Yes. YOU. Sat Siri Akal.

Who are you? Who – are you turning to in a place where you feel carried and nourished  in your essence? In a place where you feel safe. To show yourself. Fully. And where you experience, you are already whole? Where the illusions of time are fading away – and you are turning into the being you have always been?

There is a deep desire to come home inside ourselves – in all of us. Within true connections towards each other. Suddenly remembering how soft we are inside. And that softness is our true Power.

Come home. Home in your body. Home in your heart. Home in your essence. Home in your vulnerability out of which abundance can grow.

Our proposal

Please notice that rather than a short -time visit we want to encourage you to stay for the whole season of events. This opportunity ‘the India immersion’ includes the trainings, jams, festivals at Forgotten Land for the whole month of December, January and February. The more you participate, the stronger the involvement with the community.

Together we are working towards a sustainable and stable conscious improvisation scene in India, inviting Indian dancers and performers to the festival and providing a platform for community exchange.
We would like to have a cross-border cooperation with the possibility to invite Indian artists to Europe.

Line Up & Workshops

Volker Eschmann

Adrian Atma

Ivan Gurianov




Shivam Bhardwaj

Lukas Schütte




Darlini Singh

Alaya Laurie Turcotte

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The Rusta



Wed 20th

Thu 21st

Fri 22nd

Sat 23rd

Sun 24th

9.30- 10.30

Fire Puja for Festival blessing

Singing/ Yoga/ Meditation


Cacao Ceremonie

11.00 – 13.30


Self Exploration Dance


Kundalini Yoga

Contact Dance

Men/ Women/ Queer Circles

Alaya Dance

Men/ Women/ Queer Circles






14.30 – 16.00



Chill Out


Chill Out

16.00- 18.00

Opening with Sikh Ritual

Alaya Dance

Dhrupad Singing

Body Paint

Self Exploration Dance

Singing Circle

Connecting Games

Kundalini Yoga

Darlini Voice

Connecting Games








Cacao Ceremony & Life Ecstatic Dance

Indian Classical Concert

Afro Oriental Concert

Persian Fusion Concert

Dinner 19.00 – 20.00

Open Fire /Jam Space

All night Gong Bath

Open Fire /Jam Space

Open Fire /Jam Space

Reggae Concert OPEN for PUBLIC


Economical Flights from Europe to Dabolim Airport Goa you can find on the following website There are no direct flight to Goa from Europe. Best to travel through Mumbai or Dehli.

VISA is required and easy to get an E-VISA online.

Getting to Arambol Beach from Dabolim Airport best way by taxi (about 2200 RS, appr. 90 min). Krishna a befriended driver can arrange to pick you up ( call or whats app 0091 77769 18678) or government regulated taxi’s are available at the airport.


Accommodations are not inclusive in the Ticket. Beach huts, rooms and apartments are available this time of the season in a price range from 20 –30 Euro a night for 1-2 persons. If you come earlier it might be easier to get a better deal. The Festival is in the high season and for the first few days after your arrival you should definetely reserve a room in a hostel. Check
Arambol is a sweet village with ATM, Cafes, Shops, Postoffice all you need.

* * * We advice you to reserve a room for your arrival the first days from where you can find your unique hut, apartment or room. See guesthouse adress below. You can use this adress also for your VISA application form!

Directly at our spot
* * * The Rusta has 3 round houses and 1 apartment, lodging capacity 3 ppl per house. Book with Sunhi +917767898409 (Whats App),

5-10 min walk
* * * we will add here as soon as possible different options.

20 min walk
* * * God’s Gift Guesthouse Arambol. Call or write a mail to James and he will tell you rates. Girkar Waddo, Arambol, Pernem – Goa, 403524 INDIA, James +91 9923427570 Email :


We recommend to buy upon arrival a SIM card with big enough data packet. Prices are about 8-10€ monthly. Never the less there is usually in every beach restaurant WIFI as well at “The Rusta”


Our wonderfull team of chefs prepare indian vegetarian and fresh fish dishes, with love and taste. We buy organic food from local farmers as much as possible.

Ticket Infos

Registration is open!

The price includes all program and food ( lunch & dinner). Accommodation is NOT included. We sell only full festival tickets. After you registered we will send you a request to pay your deposit in order to reserve your ticket.

We have four price ranges and want to make it possible to join for everyone:

14.000rs for Indian national/residential price

205€/ 18.000rs Super Early Bird till 10th October

225€/ 20.000rs Early Bird till 20th November

270€/ 24.000rs Regular Ticket


HELPER we have a helper discount of €50/ 4400rs in exchange you help five days 1.5 hours every day cleaning and preparing the festival area. Limited amount of helper tickets-


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