Fifth Element Forgotten Land Arambol Beach


1-8 Feb 2019 @ Arambol, Goa, India 


Catharsis Deep Transformative Journey
RE-Birth in Sacred Nature,
Sacred Spirit,
Sacred Union
7 days and 7 nights


“We either make ourself miserable, or we make ourself strong. The amount of work is the same.“ Don Juan

Blended with inner wisdom and truth this multidisciplinary and shamanic transformative Journey is bringing you through catharsis to unfold your highest potential and innate wholeness.

We keep shamanic holistic vegan diet for the whole week to keep our spirit light and body receptive during the Journey. To be well prepared to Ceremonies on the 4th and 5th day we keep 24 hours of fasting only with water and medicine.
We share meals 3 times a day. Diet includes no meat, no alcohol, no dairy products, no white flower, minimum salt and sugar.

Every sunrise we start the day with chi-gong practice to ground in the body. Every sunset we chant and sing together praising the moment of Life.
We wrap up the day every night with sharings in the circle around the fire under the stars.
We create a content holistic sacred group energy field to support each of us on a deep intense life-changing Journey.

Nine genuine masters facilitate practices, rituals and ceremonies with honesty and deep knowledge.

If you’re searching for that one person who will change your life… take look in the mirror.
Over 3 Big Waves we go!

Sacred Nature part 1#
Wave of purification

Invoke and have by your side Sacred Nature Elements we locate, named, recognize and relief personal holding us back rotten patterns and worn out records of mind habits and fears badly limiting us.
Scientific research reveals startling evidence that many of our behavioural patterns, health issues and psychological fragmentation is imprinted during our time in the Womb and into the Birth itself – literally written into our genetics and neural pathways.
The good news is, that no matter what negative imprints we have inherited from our parents and parents of our parents, by revisiting this time in the Womb and into the Birth and releasing these imprints, we can rewire our DNA and psyche for a life of love and vitality. What we call psychospiritual birth-death-and-rebirth.

All shamanic traditions speak of this great rebirth – of returning to the Womb to be born again.

“In the world where death is the hunter, my friend, there is no time for regrets or doubts. There is only time for decisions.“ Don Juan

Decisions, here we are. We go on on a big hunt! Tracking down yourself to catch your own tail and unfold, lift off and dissolve! 3 days and 3 nights of self-exploration and personal empowerment with shamanic body practices, water body healing therapy, holotropic breathwork, authentic movement, developmental movement, natural voice invocation, inner sound healing and more.
Experiences occur, and transformation happens.
Welcome to life in Sacred Nature

Sacred Spirit part 2#
Catharsis wave

Get catharsis at 48 hours Sacred Spirit shamanic journey with medicine plants from Amazon jungle and Mexican desert.
Silence vipassana and 24 hours fasting, two Ceremonies with the plants and Temazcal ceremony, 5 rhytmes dance meditation, chants and prayers and beyond…
Get teaching direct from the Spirits, awake your instincts. Own your only inner truth and tap into the Source. Experience is too personal and eternal and deep to describe with any possible words, unique like a snow flake which is never the same.
Welcome to life in Sacred Spirit

Sacred Union part 3#
Wave of love

With open heart we invite Sacred Union into our life full of joy and pleasant surprises, ecstatic vibes within when the whole world around is our dear friend.
We dedicate 6th day to the tantric transformation.

Tantra is an art, a science and a spiritual path. It is a Sanskrit word which means, to weave, to transform through methods, and to transform poison into nectar. The basic concept of this life approach is that each human being is a reflection of the entire cosmos. By entering inside one’s own subjective being with a witnessing consciousness, all aspects of the body / mind and emotions are revealed in their refined potential. The refined potential of every human being is divine. Therefore, in Tantra, the whole person is accepted as divine.
This can be encountered within the human experience as a state where no thought is present, no sensation is present and no sense of individual self is present; an intuition of pure being where all that remains is a deep, intimate sense of universality with no center.

Last day we complete experience with giving gratitude and grounding your intentions for coming future in Sacred Cacao ceremony. We celebrate with Ecstatic dance. We share what calls to be said out loud and listen from the heart in last sharing circle around the fire.
Welcome to life in Sacred Union

On the dawn of 8th day you can say knowing it deeply: “Today i am responsible for happiness on earth“

“You have everything needed for the extravagant journey that is your Life…” Don Juan


Exchange: euro 485 including Ceremonies and meals
euro 410 (including Ceremonies and meals) for the first 6 early birds!!

For more information about the course and accommodation and registration please contact me via email
or pm me on fb
Enjoy the ride!