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In our holistic healing area designed in the sacred geometrie in the magical garden you will find Fire Rituals, Sweatlodge, Cacao Ceremonie, Dr Love Home of Live-Transformations and exellent body therapist offer their services for economic prices. Together in this garden will be the Chill Cafe with delicious cakes, teas and coffee, Pizzaoven, Marketplace and Outdoor Dancefloor under the Ash Trees.




MATRIX-2-POINT  with Mone, Practicioner and Trainer. Intuitiv Energy Field Work 

Quantum Healing Quantum Healing is a method that combines spiritual wisdom of our ancestors and unites the knowledge of quantum physics. In a quantum perspective all beings are united in a field of light and information. Our personal matrix contains informations about our feelings, beliefs, thoughts, experiences and emotions. Quantum Healing is an effective tool that helps us to transform destructive patterns in our system so that we can align with our potential. In a session we feel the transformation immediately as an energy wave which can be a very intensive body experince. At this moment our mind may can not understand it but we can feel it with our heart.


Alchemy of Touch is a method of bodywork developed by Tapesh Paradiso. It is designed to elevate massage and bodywork to a new level, using different techniques from the Eastern and Western world into a single harmonized approach. The origin comes from Osho Rebalancing Massage where Tapesh retouched and improved this professional technique into a less static, more artistic and poetic way, working without any effort!

One of the most important aspects of Alchemy of Touch is the holistic understanding of the interconnectedness of the body, mind and soul. Releasing tension will open subtle energy channels or meridians through which the qi or life force flows—restoring the body and mind to a state of balance, harmony and relaxation.

Rebalancing, Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, Joint Mobilization (Trager Technique), Yoga Thai Stretches, Digital Pressure Massage, Holistic Massage, Visceral Work, Meditation and Energy Work. These techniques will be integrated with Tapesh his own innovative method; ‘Fluid Touch’. This technique uses wavelike movements, which allows energy to vibrate through the body improving fluidity and oxygen flow.

I have been working with touch, movement and body whole my life – Especially contact-improvisation has been my study of experimental anatomy. Recent years I have been even more interested in bodywork and healing aspect of this specific dance-form. I started to explore the dance more through that perspective.

My session will be given on the floor/mattrass with small amount of oil. I will use combination of different techniques – classic massage, deep tissue and joint release. As well as combination of techniques from “Alchemy of Touch”. I will use “Fluid touch” to gently shake and release the body, activating the water-quality in the body, awakening the spine and inviting more relaxation in the whole body. I will naturally use as well inspirations coming from my dance- and meditation practice.



Christian Zöllner

Seit einigen Jahren arbeite ich als selbstständiger Massage Therapeut und biete traditionelle Thai Yoga Massagen und Osteothai Behandlungen an. Unter anderem massierte ich für das Spirit Yoga Spa Berlin, im Spa des renommierten Hotel de Rome und für My Heart Mobile Massagen. Ich besuche regelmäßige Fortbildungen bei meinen Lehrern David Lutt (http://lulyani.com/) und Krishnataki (http://www.thaimassage.gr/), zwei großen Meistern der Thai Massage.  Die Thai Massage verstehe ich als heiligen Tanz zwischen zwei Menschen und gebe sie mit METTA. Metta ist die buddhistische Bezeichnung für liebende Güte.  Mir ist es ein großes Anliegen meine Massagen im Zustand der Achtsamkeit, des Gleichmuts, des Mitgefühls und der anteilnehmenden Freude auszuführen.
For several years I have been work as a massage therapist, offering traditional Thai Yoga Massages and Osteothai treatments. I have been working for Spirit Yoga Spa Berlin, the spa of the renowned Hotel de Rome and My Heart mobile massage. I take regularly workshops with my teachers David Lutt (http://lulyani.com/) and Krishnataki (http://www.thaimassage.gr/), two real masters of Thai Massage. I understand Thai Massage as a holy dance between two individuals which is given with METTA. Metta is the buddhist principle of loving-kindness. It is important for me to give session from this state of mindfulness, equanimity, compassion and joy.

THAIYOGAFLOW www.thaiyogaflow.com, 01631631614

Jana, Anja, Claudia & Nadja


with Jana and Anja Goralski, Claudia Löwen and Nadja El Eid



Lomi Lomi, Hawaiis Queen of Massages

was traditionally used in times of transition and before new beginnings in life.
You are carried and held, your muscles compressed and then stretched, while the special flow of movements above and under the body at the same time, reminiscent of the ocean’s waves, firmly surrounds you with gentleness and care.

During the massage we read your body and allow it to guide us. A nonverbal communication develops, dancelike, that makes every massage an individual, unique and personal journey

Special offer: 4-hand-Lomimassage

A special experience: with a very similar touch we let you fly with synchronous and asynchronous massage strokes. Your mind can get quiet as you dive into a space of deep relaxation and clarity.


 The RELEASE the MIND Head & Heart MASSAGE

Relax and put your thoughts at rest by this massage. Your heart will be gently opened, neck and shoulders released, your head hold and massaged. After your face has been caressed warmly, we finish with a loosening of legs and feet. A moment of complete regeneration in the midst of the festival excitement!


Sensual movement MASSAGE

it´s a true bodylove massage giving and responding to you, based on different spices of our bodywork. When different elements meet and we listen to each other, we always can invite that something new will create. This massage is optional active for you as well, we invite you to move as much or as less as you feel like. Beginning on the floor we will accompany you individually, listing to each other and what is rising up and moves you. While you`ll receive different qualities of touch, we might carry you with our whole-body or give you gentle weight. Through impulses of moving together you’ll find moments of soft and complete release. It´s a deep connection with the moment, inviting the trust to the unknown, the flow of liveliness and ability to transform consistently.Special offer: 2 Hands/Body sensual movement Massage


Our general approach to give and experience massages:

We encourage you, to get into deeper contact with all aspects of yourself. You decide what feels good the rhythm the kind and intensity of the touch.To create a feeling of security, care and deep relaxation we like to Value and welcome you as natural sexual being, with joy, pleasure and sensitiveness. We offer sessions between 60 und 120 min . As by experience the sessions are booked out rather quickly, we offer to book the sessions in advance.


Please contact us to book a session:

Jana: 0157-32448078, Anja: 0171-6555216, Claudia: 0163-3515961, Nadja: 0173-2836152


We will be available for sessions during the whole festival.

Prices, all Massages gliding scale: 60 min – 45 – 65 €, 60 min 4 hands – 70 -130 €




Sophie Kinkel arbeitet seit 11 Jahren als professionelle Bodyworkerin mit der Grinberg Methode in ihrem Studio in Berlin Kreuzberg. Die Sitzungen sind sehr individuell und können unterschiedlichste Ziele haben.  Ein Ausgangspunkt kann sein, dass man das Gefühl hat in seinem Leben an bestimmten Punkten stecken zu bleiben und neue Schritte wagen möchte.  Man kann Sitzungen auch dafür nutzen einschränkende körperliche Zustände zu verändern (wie z.B. Schmerz, Anspannung…)  Über aufmerksame Berührung und Beschreibung lernt man körperlich alte limitierende Mustern zu erkennen, loszulassen und den eigenen Körper/sich selbst im ganzen Sein frei zu lassen. Häufig gibt es dann einen Erfahrung von unterschiedlichen Flüssen im Körper.  Wenn wir Muster loslassen wird Energie frei, die wir für unsere aktuellen Lebensziele einsetzen können, einschließlich körperlicher Erholung.


Sophie Kinkel works as a professional bodyworker with the Grinberg Method since 11years.  The sessions are very individuell and can have different kinds of aims.  One starting point can be, that you feel stuck somewhere in your life and you want to dare to do new steps.  It also works very well if you want to change physical conditions like tension or pain… Through attentive touch and description you learn through the body to recognize and let go of old limiting patterns. After letting go your body gets back a lot of energy. This free energy and attention you can use for your life today in including recovery from physical conditions.