03-08 Feb 2020

Being Human

A journey towards yourself, in all your colours and shadows, connection to nature and water, a sense of true belonging and inspiration for your ongoing journey as a human being.

During this retreat you will be offered a variety of different ways to enjoy, heal and connect. Connecting to yourself, to others, to nature and the family of heart-open people at this event.

We will draw from the treasures of Contact Improvisation and Playfight, Craniosacral Bodywork and Yoga, Non-violent Communication and Sharings, Ecstatic Dance and Singing Circles, Indian Rituals. These forms can offer a huge potential for coming back to the more balanced and blissful creatures we truly are. To our understanding there is another crucial aspect for a healthy and balanced life as a human being. It is the connection to nature. We will offer you a unique way to reconnect to the untwisted, natural playfulness and sense of belonging, which many of us lost on the course of what society calls education. We will take time and use simple yet beautiful scores to find back to nature and being one with our environment.


Meeting yourself – connecting with others

  A healthy and joyful relationship to your body, an innocent, nourishing way to touch and being physical with others.

We will eat together, we will dance and sing together, we will immerse ourselves in nature…

meeting moments of challenge and supporting each other in this process, collecting tools which you can take with you on your path and share with others. In each moment we will be in touch with „What do we need right now?“, in some moments maybe letting go of our planned structure if we feel that something else is serving our process of diving deep and flying high in a better way.




(including the full program and 3 meals a day)


    • First ten tickets 290,- €

      early bird till 1. January 340,- €

    • Regular price from 2. January 390,- €

    • 8 tickets for Indian residents 150,- €

    • 5 helper tickets 200,- €


* To feel home and really meet each other, we decided to limit the number of participants to 45, so better register now, if you feel the call to be part of this journey.


Meet Your Facilitators

Isabelle Pyttel

is a creature dedicated to movement, healing and nature. Since a young age she gained experience dancing on stage and as a choreographer. She studied Fine Arts at the Academy of Arts in Munich with a focus on Performance. A deep longing for finding her purpose fueled by a profound curiousity in the human body and energy system led her to an intense Yoga practice, the study of various massage and healing techniques, connecting to the subtle energies of nature, intuition and holistic movement. She is a certified Cranio Sacral therapist and got an examination as a Naturopath (Heilpraktikter). After practicing Hatha Yoga and a gentle form of Iyengar Yoga for several years, she completed a Yoga Teacher Training in the heart opening Anusara Yoga. Isabelle believes in the wisdom of our human heart and keeps researching different approaches to movement like Contact Improvisation, free dance, physical exercises and somatic awareness. Connecting the benefits of embodiment practices with an authentic artistic expression is a big inspiration for her. Another fundamental motivation to all her professional work is self empowerment. This shows in her private healing sessions as much as in her classes and workshops. From sharing her knowledge in movement and healing in Upper Bavaria she has grown to creating events and holding groups all over Germany, Austria, India, Thailand and Bali. She sees life-long learning as a key quality for finding our path as humans in coexistence with nature.

Ulli Wittemann

Organizer, Teacher and Coach for Movement, Acting, Awareness and Communication A passion for movement and communication has drawn Ulli to new directions since he was a child. From practising Ballroom Dance and Hip Hop as a teenager and many years of studying different Martial Arts forms (Judo, Aikido, Kickboxing, Boxing and Muay Thai) he finally fell in love with Contact Improvisation in 2001 during his actors studies at the University of Performing Arts in Frankfurt, Germany. After eight years of performing more than 1000 shows in the German State Theater system he decided to change his focus from performing to sharing his love for Movement, Acting, Awareness and Communication in Munich and abroad. Since 2010 he taught countless Workshops, Classes, Masterclasses and Retreats in China, Japan, India, Thailand, Bali, Israel, Palestine, USA, Canada, Turkey, Russia, Crimea and many European Countries. He is one of the Founders of the Tempelhof Contact Festival and the BODY MIND SOUL Festival in Germany and the Conscious Flow Festival in India. His teaching portfolio includes Feldenkrais, Modern Dance and his own PLAYFIGHT system, he carries a diploma in Acting and holds his Nature Retreat BEING HUMAN since 2015. He enjoys supporting the personal and professional process of individual clients and groups in public institutions (e.g. Universities and Dance Schools) and companies as well as personal coachings in the fields of Body Awareness and Dance, Voice Training, Acting, Presence and Presentation. He believes in a healthy balance between structure and chaos, clear goals and enjoying life while unfolding our full potential as human beings.

Tiki Masala

After first traveling in India in 2005 , Tikki Masala was inspired by the deep flavors of authentic Indian classical music. in he's productions he blends together sounds of Indian classical instruments like Sitar, Tabla, Santoor, Sarod, Flute, Tanpura, Harmonium and Vocals... with beats, synthesizers, drums and percussion. Recordings made across India from Bhajans, Kirtans, Mantras, street musicians, fellow travelers, jam sessions, concerts, nature and temple sounds are mixed together with psychedelic hypnotic electronic sounds, rhythms and bass lines. After some time the music evolved to world Beat, tribal, ethnic, Downtempo, Native Beat, fusion, dance music with influences from all over the world. He is playing a lot of his creations at Ecstatic Dance events. The interest in dance became more present, when he discovered Ecstatic Dance and other forms of dance and found that dancing was so beneficial for the personal, emotional, physical and spiritual development, opening up and discovering the freedom and authenticity. There was a call to start organizing, holding space and play at Ecstatic Dance events in India, Thailand and Europe... And share with others, what was for him such a beautiful exploration and growing in the being through movement and Dance.

Zinn Da

ZinnDa: means to be alive! A free spirit and a bundle of pure joy, there is nothing this happy soul isn’t capable of! His evolution has been quite a journey, from being a techie to transforming into an Osho sannyasin. He was born with the heart of a nomad and has been a traveller for most of his life now. What’s his purpose? one might wonder! He has been closely working with the Osho Communes, spiritual festivals all around the world and the Contact Dance Community to help in bringing spiritual awareness and spreading peace in communities everywhere. This was the thought that lead him to create his NGO: Global Cultural Exchange Organisation that brings communities around the world and people from all walks of life together in a peaceful and harmonious environment of sharing and learning. Navgrah Shanti Yagna or The Fire Pooja for Peace and Prosperity: A Yagna or Havan is a traditional Indian Pooja ceremony that involves the recital of Vedic Chants and holy offerings(Samagri) made to the fire. The combined effect of these chants and the fire together cleanse and purify the air and aura. You are free to participate or observe during the ceremony. A brief explanation about the Havan, its scientific and spiritual benefits will also be discussed.

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