22-27 April 2022

BMC® Intensive Nina Wehnert

DELVING INTO FULLNESS Body-Mind Centering® into Dance

Six days of Body-Mind Centering® in nourishing rural environment between hills and the sea, close to the warm costs of Algarve, Portugal. This intensive BMC® workshop offers an in-depth experience of movement and dance, subtle awareness and perception. It is geared towards everyone wishing to develop a deeper understanding of BMC®.

With Nina Wehnert who is teaching internationally and is part of the core staff of moveus, the Licenced BMC® Certification Program in Germany.

This course is being adapted to the restrictions of the epidemic needs.

Nina Wehnert

Nina Wehnert 
Nina is a Body-Mind Centering® Teacher and Practitioner and teaches BMC® in workshops, trainings, retreats and festivals around Europe. She is part of the core staff of moveus, the Licensed BMC® Certification Program in Germany. She is also offering her own Body-Mind Centering® Training Programs in Berlin and Munich, Germany.

Her background is contemporary dance, as well as dancing, exploring and teaching Contact Improvisation for more than 25 year and teaching Yoga for more than 15 years. She is teaching embodied anatomy in dance and yoga schools in Berlin. She studied BMC® with moveus in Germany and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen in the US. Since 2020 she is also offering regular online classes, which can be found on her website: www.ninawehnert.com

Body-Mind Centering® and BMC® are registered service marks of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen.


Delving into Fullness
Body-Mind Centering® into Dance

Into the fullness of our organs we will delve! Each organ has its own story, characteristics and function. In their beauty and complexity they receive, nourish, eliminate, -keep us alive- and support our movements in their adaptability and three-dimensionality. It's a collaborative dance inside of us. 

Through anatomy, somatizations, touch, sound and movement alone and with a partner we will tune into organs, their rhythms, pulsation, vibration, flow, relief and aliveness. 

We will explore their support for elasticity, lightness, resilience and comfort. And we will take some “side trips” to fluids, connective tissues, bones, embryology and developmental movement patterns. Following expression on the smallest cellular level to large movement through space.

My wish is to spark the joy of movement and interest in exploring your body. You will be provided with profound knowledge, offerings of in-depth experience and awareness of the inter- connected ness of inner & outer processes. 

Authentic Movmement, Dance and Contact Improvisation will serve as integration practices and will be woven into the workshop. One afternoon is free and you will have time to go to the beach (20min drive), rest at the swimming pool or go for an excursion into the near villages.

Body-Mind Centering® is an integrated and embodied approach to movement, the body and conciousness. It is an ongoing, experiental journey. Through anatomical information, movement, sensation and touch it offers pathways to discover the richness of the relationships within the body and mind. 

Identifying, articulating, differentiating, and integrating various tissues within the body, discovering the qualities they contribute to one's movement, how they have evolved in one's developmental process, and the role they play in the expression of mind. With finest and deep awareness, and understanding of relationships in the body we evoke presence, three dimensional full-body being for joy and ease in movement! More info: www.bodymindcentering.com

Friday : Arrival 14h// Start of Workshop 16h-19h,
Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday : 10h-13h and 16h-18.30h
Monday : 10h-13h, the afternoon is free time for beach, swimming pool, resting, exploring
Wednesday : 10h-13.30h Last day of workshop


We, Monica & Samuel, invite you to an original country side house nestled in typical Portuguese farmland at the Algarve coast close by Faro. 

We have been building in new ways, with respect for the tradition, our grandfather’s farm into an organic ecological home. This six days long workshop gives us time to be together connecting with nature and being part of the country side life. Enjoy with us our home overlooking the sea, the blossoming springtime and the fresh green of the fields with old olive-, algarove- and almond trees.


The closest Airport to the venue is Faro Airport, 30 min distance by car. Lisbon is 3.5 hours away.

We want to encourage you as well to use a train, bus or car sharing if you come from Europe. There are well organised economic connections from all bigger cities now. 

From the airport you can take a taxi /about 45€ or public transportation by bus and train/ about 15€

We will open a ride share group where you can get in touch before arrival.



you receive in the info letter after you registered



You can arrive to the workshop grounds 22 April 2 pm. If you need to come a day earlier get in touch with us first. 



You need to leave the workshop grounds the day the Training ends. Thats April 27th. If you need to stay a day longer get in touch with us first. 



In the info mail you will be asked for a deposit to pay upfront as a confirmation of your participation.



April 22nd at 2 p.m. Bring the missing part of your fee in cash on the day of your arrival.



We recommend to rent cars and be open for sharing them. It will be self organized. If you have the possibility to rent one please do it.

For more information and conversation please use this mail. admin@forgotten-land.com




Healty alive food prepared with love and fresh vegetables from the local market, by our great team of chefs!


You can come with your own tent or Camper Van

or rent:


Rental Tents

Single Tent, with air matress and blanket.

Contact Dance Camp Algarve Portugal

Bell Tent tripple occupation, with 120cm airmatress and blankets

Rundzelt zu zweit



In the main house are 5 rooms available with terrace and shared bathroom.

You can choose between double or single occupancy

in queen size

and single beds

If you are a couple the rooms with king size beds are just perfect. (Click each of you kingsize bed together and mention you come with a couple)

Please let us know if you have questions about it.


Participation is on your own risk. Please note that if you are under medication, or are suffering from any severe physical injuries, please let us know before registering

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the festival, even at short notice, if there is a danger to the well-being of the visitors and organizers, such as viral infections (corona epidemic), storms or natural disasters (fire, hurricanes, floods). In this case the organizer cannot be held liable for private failures. To prevent further personal loss, we recommend to take out a travel cancellation insurance.

We reserve the right to refuse your participation, if necessary without giving a reason. 

You can reach us at admin@forgotten-land.com for any questions.



A participação é por sua conta e risco. Por favor, note que se você estiver sob medicação, ou se sofrer de qualquer lesão física grave, por favor nos avise antes de se registrar.

O organizador reserva-se o direito de cancelar o festival, mesmo a curto prazo, se houver perigo para o bem-estar dos visitantes e organizadores, como infecções virais (epidemia de coroa), tempestades ou desastres naturais (incêndios, furacões, inundações). Neste caso, o organizador não pode ser responsabilizado por falhas privadas. A fim de evitar cancelamentos pessoais, recomendamos que você faça um seguro de cancelamento de viagem.

Reservamo-nos o direito de recusar a sua participação, se necessário, sem dar um motivo. 

Você pode nos contatar em admin@forgotten-land.com para qualquer pergunta.



Die Teilnahme erfolgt auf eigenes Risiko. Bitte beachte, dass Du uns vor der Anmeldung informieren solltest, wenn Du unter Medikamenten stehst oder schwere körperliche Verletzungen erlitten hast.

Der Veranstalter behält sich vor das Festival notfalls auch kurzfristig abzusagen, wenn eine Gefahr für das Wohl der Besucher und Veranstalter bestehen, wie zum Beispiel durch virale Infektionen (Corona Epidemie), Unwetter oder Naturkatastprophen (Feuer, Hurikane, Überschwemmungen). In diesem Falle kann der Veranstalter nicht für private Ausfälle haftbar gemacht werden. Um persöhnlichen Ausfällen vorzubeugen empfehlen wir eine Reiserücktrittsversicherung abzuschliessen.

Wir behalten uns das Recht vor, Ihre Teilnahme zu verweigern, falls erforderlich auch ohne einen Grund nennen zu müssen. 

Bei Fragen können Sie uns unter admin@forgotten-land.com erreichen.


Registration is open!

Prices incl, full course, accommodation and food.

 690€ in your own tent/van
 740€  Rental tent/ single size
 770 € per pers. bed in tripple room. 
 790€ single bed in double room 
790€ per pers. in couple room, queensize be
890€ single room, queensize bed
We give to a limited amount discounted tickets to Portuguese nationals. Pls PM us to see availability.
We need help in the kitchen and for cleaning, we want to reserve this discounted tickets for Portuguese community. In the registration form you can click it, if you are interested to help. 

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