26 June-1 July 2021

Contact Improv Meeting Portugal

RE-CONNECT Gently, we'll dive in again to CI and somatic work with intensive workshops, classes and labs. We'll offer space and guidance for bodywork, live music and some sharing circles to talk about this unique moment in our life, as humans and dancers.

Contact Improvisation, Body-Mind Centering®, Movement Research, Bodywork and live Music.

With Itay Yatuv (ISR), Nina Wehnert (GER) , Dorte Bjerre Jensen (DK), Howard Sonenklar (PT), Tiago Rouxinol (PT), Samuel del Bello(PT) and more

The past year has forced a radical change in the way we have moved in the world, the way we got close to each other, touched, listened, breathed and danced. The freedom of being outside in nature, with nature, part of nature- has been restricted as well..

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We, Monica & Samuel, invite you to an original country side house nestled in typical Portuguese farmland at the Algarve coast close by Faro. 

We have been building in new ways, with respect for the tradition, our grandfather’s farm into an organic ecological home. This week long gathering gives us time to be together connecting with nature and being part of the country side life during the blessed  time of June.

Luckily, we have really perfected our improvisation skills over the last years. So this new, very sudden change doesn't throw us completely off course. It will happen, we have a great new place and the journey there is on the way, so to speak.
Due to unforeseen  reasons, Aterra cancelled our place at the last minute.
We have to move with the tribe and are very lucky as our well known Contact Community site Quinta Bras near Tavira /Algarve has space for the whole group!
Unusual times call for this crazy synchronicity. Quinta Bras was fully booked until two days ago when another group unexpectedly cancelled their booking. Once again Samuel and Monica open their heavenly gates for us.
Many in our community know and love the place from wonderful group experiences. There is a very good dance floor in a huge dome (probably one of the best in Portugal) plenty of camping space, a large guest house with swimming pool and sea view! You will love it!
Private tents, Bell tents, campers can come as agreed at the same price. The participants who have chosen a glamping option will get a room in the house at the same price. Participants coming from Lisbon Metropolitan Area will get an official Invitation from our collaborating dance association AORCA in Lagos.
Quinta Braz, Sitio da Igreja, 156-c, Santo Estevao 8800-506
Enter through the two big Blue Gates.
Google maps coordinates
37.124605, -7.720024
Please come between 3 - 5 pm, as the new place is a bit more south you might need that additional time. Helpers please come as agreed a little earlier at 2.30 pm if possible.
If you booked a train from Lisbon to our former venue you can keep on driving in the same train till Faro check here; https://www.cp.pt/ Here you can change in Faro the train to Tavira. From there a Taxi for about 10€ to our new location. Weekends there are unfortunately no bus connections. We can also arrange a pick up if some of you arrive same time. Pls communicate in our Facebook ride share event https://www.facebook.com/events/478104723385340
If you arrive at Airport Faro you can get a Taxi from to the location for about €25, also public transportation is running. Between Airport and Train Station Faro there is a Bus.
Do NOT send further deposit to the mentioned bank account , please bring all in cash to the new places registration desk.
Dont hesitate to contact me (Volker) on Whats App, Telegram or Phone +49 178 4140186

Our beloved cooks will spoil us with their delicious portuguese cuisine. Menu will be composed of local  available produce there for dishes will be changing daily. However format will be so: Lunch and dinner will be served buffet style. Food will be be mostly vegan with some dairy and eggs. Vegan alternatives will be always available. Buffet will have on each meal, Fresh garden salad, Wholegrain side dish, Side vegetable or starch dish, Changing daily main dish, Bread and a dip. Example for a meal: Garden salad, Brown rice in fresh pesto, Stir-fry green beans, Main dish, Sweet potato and  coliflure Alu Gobi with Tofu, Bread, Green Dip

Regular Ticket - € : Come with your own tent, or own camper van.

Cold Shower, shared bathroom.


Rental Tents - € , incl. air mattress and blanket. 

Contact Dance Camp Algarve Portugal


Bell Tent - € , shared with three on airbeds, cosy style. Cold Shower, shared bathroom.



Bell Tent - € , per person if used as couple. Cold Shower, shared bathroom.

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After registering you will receive a mail with our bank details. CHECK your SPAM filter! You need to pay -  deposit to our  account within the next 5 working days to confirm your participation. In need of cancellation, we will keep 50% of your deposit before June 15th 2021, if your cancellation happens after June 15th 2021, we will keep the full deposit.

Should we cancel, all deposits which are already paid will be returned.

Participation is on your own risk. Please note that if you are under medication, or are suffering from any severe physical injuries, please let us know before registering

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the festival, even at short notice, if there is a danger to the well-being of the visitors and organizers, such as viral infections (corona epidemic), storms or natural disasters (fire, hurricanes, floods). In this case the organizer cannot be held liable for private failures. Deposits will be refunded at 100%. To prevent further personal loss, we recommend to take out a travel cancellation insurance.

We reserve the right to refuse your participation, if necessary without giving a reason. In any case you will get your deposit back.

You can reach us at registration@forgotten-land.com for any questions.



Após o registo, receberá um e-mail com os nossos dados bancários. VERIFIQUE o seu filtro de SPAM! Você precisa pagar  -  euros de depósito na nossa conta de associação dentro dos próximos 5 dias úteis para confirmar a sua participação. Em caso de necessidade de cancelamento, nós manteremos 50% do seu depósito antes de 15 de junho de 2021, se o seu cancelamento ocorrer após 15 de junho de 2021, nós manteremos o depósito completo. 

Se cancelarmos, todos os depósitos que já foram pagos serão devolvidos.

A participação é por sua conta e risco. Por favor, note que se você estiver sob medicação, ou se sofrer de qualquer lesão física grave, por favor nos avise antes de se registrar.

O organizador reserva-se o direito de cancelar o festival, mesmo a curto prazo, se houver perigo para o bem-estar dos visitantes e organizadores, como infecções virais (epidemia de coroa), tempestades ou desastres naturais (incêndios, furacões, inundações). Neste caso, o organizador não pode ser responsabilizado por falhas privadas. Os depósitos serão reembolsados a 100%. A fim de evitar cancelamentos pessoais, recomendamos que você faça um seguro de cancelamento de viagem.

Reservamo-nos o direito de recusar a sua participação, se necessário, sem dar um motivo. Em qualquer caso, você receberá o seu depósito de volta.

Você pode nos contatar em registration@forgotten-land.com para qualquer pergunta.



Nach der Registrierung erhalten Sie eine Mail mit unserer Bankverbindung. Prüfen Sie Ihren SPAM-Filter! Sie müssen innerhalb der nächsten 5 Arbeitstage - € auf unser Konto einzahlen, um Ihre Teilnahme zu bestätigen.

Im Falle einer Stornierung behalten wir 50 % Ihrer Anzahlung vor dem 15. Juni 2021, bei einer Stornierung nach dem 15. Juni 2021 behalten wir die volle Anzahlung.

Sollten wir absagen, werden alle bereits geleisteten Anzahlungen zurückerstattet

Die Teilnahme erfolgt auf eigenes Risiko. Bitte beachten Sie, dass Sie uns vor der Anmeldung informieren, wenn Sie unter Medikamenten stehen oder schwere körperliche Verletzungen erleiden.

Der Veranstalter behält sich vor das Festival notfalls auch kurzfristig abzusagen, wenn eine Gefahr für das Wohl der Besucher und Veranstalter bestehen, wie zum Beispiel durch virale Infektionen (Corona Epidemie), Unwetter oder Naturkatastprophen (Feuer, Hurikane, Überschwemmungen). In diesem Falle kann der Veranstalter nicht für private Ausfälle haftbar gemacht werden. Anzahlungen werden zu 100% zurückerstattet. Um persöhnlichen Ausfällen vorzubeugen empfehlen wir eine Reiserücktrittsversicherung abzuschliessen.

Wir behalten uns das Recht vor, Ihre Teilnahme zu verweigern, falls erforderlich auch ohne einen Grund nennen zu müssen. Selbstverständlich erhalten sie in jedem Falle ihre geleistete Anzahlung zurück.

Bei Fragen können Sie uns unter registration@forgotten-land.com erreichen.

You can help in the festival and get a - €  discount. For 1.5 hours work a day, helping with cleaning and taking care of the space. You will have a coordinator and nice team. Please click in the below form YES if you want to help and our  helper coordinator will get in touch with you a few weeks before the festival starts.


Evento de Saúde e Bem-estar, 26 Junho– 1 Julho 2021


Adaptação do conceito de higiene e segurança em conformidade com os procedimentos de prevenção, controlo e vigilância em empresas decretado pela Direção Geral de Saúde quanto à infeção por SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), refente ao GUIA DE RECOMENDAÇÕES POR TEMA E SETOR DE ATIVIDADE de 9 de Julho de 2020


O programa de actividades terá lugar em contexto privado, acessível unicamente a pessoas previamente inscritas, e portanto, não estará aberto ao público em geral. Irá decorrer nas instalações do campismo ecológico Aterra, situado em contexto rural numa área de 10 hectares, na Freguesia de São Teotónio, Concelho de Odemira.


Os seminários têm lugar exclusivamente ao ar livre.

Para os cursos há uma obrigação de inscrição através de um formulário de inscrição online. O número de inscrições é limitado.

As pessoas que não forem anunciadas e não  registadas não terão acesso às instalações, pelo que unicamente as pessoas previamente registadas e staff terão acesso às instalações e programa delineado durante os dias do evento, excluindo qualquer pessoa do público em geral.


O número máximo de participantes é limitado a 100 pessoas. Todas as pessoas passaram por um processo de registo e só podem serão admitidas a participar pessoas sem sintomas suspeitos de Covid-19.


Todos devem fazer um teste de antigénios antes da chegada e, se entrarem de outro país, fornecer um certificado médico de biologia molecular (PCR) confirmando que não há sinais de infecção com o coronavírus SRA-CoV-2. O certificado médico deve ter sido emitido não mais de 72 horas antes da chegada.


Estará presente durante todo o evento um médico treinado nas instações para supervisão de alguma suspeita de casos de infeção.


Serão elaboradas listas de presença diárias como parte do registo de convidados para facilitar o rastreio de contactos, registando o nome completo, a morada, número de telefone e email de cada participante. Serão dadas instruções escritas aos participantes sobre o conceito de higiene.


A regra da distância de 1,5 a 2 metros de distância aplica-se nas instalações.

Todas as áreas comuns terão afixados os cartazes (patentes nas directrizes da DGS) referentes às boas práticas de higienização pessoal para garantir a informação e constante atenção em relação às mesmas.



Os trabalhadores terão formação e instruções sobre o cumprimento das regras de higienização e controlo ambiental, de acordo com as normas da DGS nº 014/2020, sobre Limpeza e desinfeção de superfícies em estabelecimentos de atendimento ao público ou similares.

A organização garante:

  • elaboração do seu plano de contingência para COVID-19, de acordo com a orientação 006/2020 da Direção Geral da Saúde e atuar em conformidade;
  • plano de limpeza e higienização das instalações, assumindo: a frequência de limpeza, utilização de produtos de limpeza e desinfecção, técnica e materias adequados;
  • disponibilização dos desinfectantes adequados e necessários à entrada e saída de todos os locais de maior utilização e áreas comuns (buffet, instalações sanitárias, chuveiros, etc)
  • Todos os espaços, materiais e equipamentos utilizados no decorrer da prática das actividades diárias, devem ser submetidos a limpeza e desinfeção, nos termos da Orientação n.º 014/2020 da DGS, nomeadamente de materiais que possam ser partilhados;



De acordo com a norma 030/2020, as sessões que decorram ao ar livre  privilegiam espaços com pouca movimentação de pessoas e garantem o distanciamento físico de pelo menos 3 metros entre praticipantes.

É garantida uma adequada limpeza e desinfeção das superfícies e o tratamento de roupa disponibilizado aos funcionários e utilizadores, de acordo com a Orientação 014/2020 da DGS17 e Orientação 008/2020 da DGS.




O alojamento é fornecido em tendas, casas móveis que cada participante trará consigo, bem como as instalações de acomodação do campismo ecológico Aterra. O contacto entre pessoas do mesmo agregado familiar é permitido em conformidade com o regulamento governamental. Será respeitado o distanciamento de, pelo menos, 2 metros de distância entre casa tenda ou casa móvel.

São nomeadas duas pessoas responsáveis pelo cumprimento de todos os requisitos de higiene e protecção contra infecções.

A gerência do campismo ecológico Aterra assume a responsabilidade de cumprir as medidas de prevenção e controlo de infeção de acordo com a orientação 008/2020 da DGS, efectuando a limpeza de superfícies ambientais e tratamento de roupa nos alojamentos.





De acordo com a Orientação 023/2020 da DGS, a organização compromete-se:

  • Cumprir as medidas de higiene das mãos e etiqueta respiratória recomendadas pela Direção-Geral da Saúde;
  • Higienizar as mãos entre cada participante;
  • Utilizar corretamente uma máscara, durante todo o período de trabalho num espaço com múltiplas pessoas, respeitando as condições de higiene e de segurança durante a sua colocação, utilização e remoção. Contemplar a necessidade de substituição da máscara, adotando as boas práticas de utilização. O uso de máscara não substitui outras medidas de prevenção, como o distanciamento físico recomendado, que devem ser mantidas
  • Garantir que a disposição das mesas e das cadeiras no estabelecimento permitem uma distância de, pelo menos, 2 metros entre todas as pessoas;
  • Manter, sempre que possível, uma distância de 2 metros dos clientes e dos outros colaboradores;
  • A loiça utilizada pelos clientes será lavada na máquina de lavar com detergente, a temperatura elevada (80-90ºC);
  • A comida será servida pelos colaboradores onde, devidamente equipados, entregarão o prato e talheres necessários;
  • Garante uma adequada limpeza e desinfeção das superfícies, de acordo com a Orientação 014/2020 “Limpeza e desinfeção de superfícies em estabelecimentos de atendimento ao público ou similares”, da DGS.

Health and Welfare Event, 26 June - 1 July 2021

Adaptation of the concept of hygiene and safety in accordance with the procedures of prevention, control and surveillance in companies enacted by the Directorate General of Health regarding infection by SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), referring to the GUIDE OF RECOMMENDATIONS BY THEME AND SECTOR OF ACTIVITY of 9 July 2020


The programme of activities will take place in a private context, accessible only to persons previously registered, and will therefore not be open to the general public. It will take place in the facilities of the ecological campsite Aterra, located in a rural context in an area of 10 hectares, in the parish of São Teotónio, Odemira Council.


The seminars take place exclusively in the open air.


For the courses there is an obligation to register through an online registration form. The number of registrations is limited.


Unannounced and unregistered people will not have access to the facilities, so only previously registered people and staff will have access to the facilities and the outlined programme during the days of the event, excluding any person from the general public.


The maximum number of participants is limited to 100 persons.


All persons have undergone a registration process and only persons without suspicious symptoms of Covid-19 may be admitted to participate.


Persons who have stayed in a corona risk area for 14 days prior to the scheduled date of attendance in the health programme will be refused to participate.


Everyone needs to do an Antigene Test  prior arrival and if traveling from another country a molecular biological medical certificate (PCR) confirming that there is no evidence of infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. The medical certificate must have been obtained no more than 72 hours before arrival.


A doctor trained in the supervision of any suspected cases of infection will be present throughout the event.

Daily attendance lists will be prepared as part of the guest registration to facilitate contact tracing, recording the full name, address, telephone number and email address of each participant. Participants will be given written instructions on the concept of hygiene.


The distance rule of 1.5 to 2 meters applies on the premises.


All common areas will have posters (patents in the DGS guidelines) on good personal hygiene practices to ensure information and constant attention to them.



Workers shall be trained and instructed on compliance with the rules on hygiene and environmental control, in accordance with DGS No. 014/2020 on Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in establishments serving the public or similar.


The organisation guarantees:
- preparation of its contingency plan for COVID-19, in accordance with guideline 006/2020 of the General Directorate of Health and act accordingly;
- cleaning and sanitization plan of the facilities, assuming: the cleaning frequency, use of cleaning and disinfection products, technique and adequate materials;
- providing adequate and necessary disinfectants for entry and exit from all places of greatest use and common areas (buffet, sanitary facilities, showers, etc.)
- All spaces, materials and equipment used in the course of daily activities must undergo cleaning and disinfection, in accordance with DGS guideline 014/2020, in particular of materials that can be shared;



In accordance with standard 030/2020, the sessions that take place in the open air privilege spaces with little movement of people and ensure the physical distance of at least 3 meters between practitioners.


Adequate cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and treatment of clothing available to staff and users is guaranteed, in accordance with DGS Guideline 014/202017 and DGS Guideline 008/2020.



The accommodation is provided in tents, mobile homes that each participant will bring with them, as well as the accommodation facilities of the Aterra ecological campsite. Contact between people from the same household is allowed in accordance with government regulations. A distance of at least 2 meters between the tent or mobile home will be respected.


Two persons are appointed who are responsible for fulfilling all hygiene and infection protection requirements.
The management of the ecological campsite Aterra assumes the responsibility to comply with the measures of prevention and control of infection in accordance with guideline 008/2020 of the DGS, carrying out the cleaning of environmental surfaces and treatment of clothing in the accommodation.



In accordance with DGS Guideline 023/2020, the organisation commits itself:
- Comply with the hand hygiene and respiratory label measures recommended by the Directorate General for Health;
- To sanitize the hands between each participant;
- Wearing a mask correctly, throughout the entire period of work in a safe and secure space.



Registration is open!

Accommodation *

 – 470€ in your own tent
 – 470€ with your own camper van (per person)
 – 580€ Bell Tent pp, with three airbeds.
 – 640€ single beds in double room. SOLD OUT
 – 610€ Bell Tent, pp. used as couple. SOLD OUT
We give to a limited amount discounted tickets of 100€ less to Portuguese nationals. Pls PM us to see availability. SOLD OUT
We need help in the kitchen and for cleaning, we want to reserve this discounted tickets for Portuguese community. In the registration form you can click it, if you are interested to help. SOLD OUT

Meet Your Facilitators

Dorte Bjerre Jensen

Dorte Bjerre Jensen

Dorte Bjerre Jensen is a dancer/performer, researcher, teacher, and organizer. She is deeply interested in bodily movement and expression as an art form both in practice and in theory. As an artist she creates, directs, and performs. Dorte holds an M.F.A from the Danish National School of Performing Arts “Dance Partnership” for professional dancers included an emphasis on artistic and pedagogical research. Additionally, Dorte is an educated Hatha Yoga teacher, Rosen Method therapist, and Conscious Touch therapist. She has been researching and practicing contacting improvisation for more than 20 years, and teaches contact improvisation nationally.

Portugal Ecstatic Dace Festival

Diana Jost

Diana, singing circle facilitator and believer in the healing power of dance and music. I’m born and raised in the swiss alpes, but settled a long time ago in southwest Portugal where I felt a save ground to connect to my truth and my authentic self. I’m a yoga teacher since 15 years, a body worker and a musician. It was the path of yoga together with the inherited accordion from my grandfather that brought me into devotional music. It is one of my biggest joy to touch people’s emotional body with my instrument and voice, inspiring to open their voices, unblocking pathways and help them tapping into their devine self through kirtan, mantras and all kind of songs that bring you deep and high. 

Nina Wehnert

Nina Wehnert

Nina teaches Body-Mind Centering® in workshops, trainings and festivals around Europe. She is part of the regular teaching team of moveus, the Licensed BMC® Certification Program in Germany.  She is also offering her own BMC® Training Programs in Berlin and Munich. Her background is contemporary dance, aswell as dancing and teaching Contact Improvisation for more than 25 year and Yoga for more than 15 years. Since 2020 she is offering online classes, which can be found on her website: www.ninawehnert.com

Howard Sonenklar

Howard Sonenklar

  Howard Sonenklar has been involved with movement studies, contact improvisation, dance, theatre and somatic integration techniques for the past 40 years. He has taught and performed extensively throughout Europe and South America since the 1980’s. He is highly respected for his teaching and most well known for his integration of innovative movement research combining principles of perception, touch and alignment therapies, with] self inquiry. In the last 16 years he has been a professor at the National Conservatory of Theatre in Lisbon, Portugal, specialising in sharing his work for stage actors.

Tiago Perfil

Tiago Rouxinol

Tiago Rouxinol born in Portugal in 1977 and moved to Brazil in 1999 where he became a Capoeira teacher. Traveling around Latin America he fell in Love with music and went to Cuba to study percussion. Looking for the roots went several times to West Africa to learn traditional and tribal instruments such as djembe, kora, balafon. Became a multi instrumentalist and created 2 bands of world music that still exist, Yemadas and Onda 9. Also he has been making a research on how to include everybody into the music and started to study Body music with a great master Keith Terry- Cross Pulse. Some years ago he created and facilitated the Music for All workshop  based on Body percussion and Circle Singing, where people can learn many music games and different forms of developing rhythm and coordination in a very playful way without using instruments , but simply their bodies!

Volker Eschmann

Volker Eschmann

is an artist who positions his artistic work in the context of society. He develops and realize successfully concepts, strategies, and ways of working in the framework of various life-worlds. In relation to systems of expertise he understands non-artistic questions, problems, and prejudices, to respond to these professionally, and ground the relevance of his own work. He studied anthropology in J.W.Goethe University Frankfurt/Main with focus on rituals in traditional communities. Practical anthropological studies with the Griot (trad. mythteller) Nago Koite from Senegal/Berlin in african dance, music and storytelling

Samuel del Bello

Samuel del Bello

Samuel del Bello is a mover and life explorer. A vagabond who loves to play, to experience, to integrate and get inspired from diverse therapeutic fields and healthy movement practices which center the body and the mind. Deeply rooted in his own body and somatic experience outgrows the desire for connecting with the other, authenticly express and communicate, listen, move together, support, dance and rise each others up. For him, the journey into healing arts first awakened in India, a decade back, during a Vipassana silence retreat. After that, he traveled to Thailand where he studied the traditional Thai massage. Ever since it has been an unfolding journey full of encounters and transformation. Other disciplines practiced and studied along the way are deep tissue and fascia realease,  Thai-yoga massage, therapeutic flights, cranio-sacral and belly massage. Always led by presence and intuition his approach is very based on the phisical body and its anatomy, through pressure and manipulations, bringing awareness, life and fluidity back to places in the body where before it feels stagnant and difficult to breath. Happy to encounter you.

Itay Yatuv ContaKids

Itay Yatuv

Itay has been practicing and teaching CI worldwide for 15 years. Trained as a contemporary dancer in New York, Italy and Israel. Choreographing independently for the last 12 years, Itay has been leading international projects of improvisational performances. Itay has been training in Aikido for the last 8 years, a practice he integrates into his CI research. In the last few years Itay has been conducting CI workshops for little children and their parents and developing the ContaKids method.

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