11-17 September 2022

Portugal Contact Gathering

You are invited to spend these days with your contact improvisation family in a private country house by the warm costs of Algarve, Portugal. We will Iive, eat and dance together in a nourishing rural environment between hills and the sea. The Portugal Contact Gathering will be held by teachers based in Portugal, live musicians and mostly organic local food.

LINE UP 2021 With Rita Vilhena (PT), Samuel del Bello (PT), Barbara Ramos (PT), Irene Álvarez (SP), Alexa Papa (Ro), Howard Sonenklar (PT), Ana Root (PT), Pedro de Faro (PT), Tiago Rouxinol (PT), Johanna Wyss (PT/Swiss) and more

Portugal Contact Gathering is being adapted to the restrictions of the epidemic needs. We make space for individual choice to be heard and a hygiene protocole to be respected.



We, Monica & Samuel, invite you to an original country side house nestled in typical Portuguese farmland at the Algarve coast close by Faro. 

We have been building in new ways, with respect for the tradition, our grandfather’s farm into an organic ecological home. This week long gathering gives us time to be together connecting with nature and being part of the country side life during the blessed harvesting time of September.

Dear participant of the Portugal CI Gathering 2021

We are very exited you are coming and make this happen with us. Its going to be a very international group of dancers. All teachers, musicians, cooks, helpers, special helpers, organisers and hosts alike are living in Portugal and preparing to be ready for you when you come.

In order to make it a smooth and lovely gathering we ask you to organise and communicate your journey well. Please read the follwing information carefully and feed back to us if something changed in your plans! 


you receive in the info letter after you registered

IMPORTANT TO BRING, FOR EVERYONE (as well those sleeping in the house):

-light jacket and sweater nights can get chilly in September

-biological shampoo


-a bottle (to be filled with drinking water)

-Towls for swimming.


-Bathing suite, Bikini etc.

- wetsuit if you have for water sessions. We have as well some. 



People in rental tents, tents and camper please bring aditionally;

-cushion to sleep


People in own tents please bring aditionally;

-sleeping bag (and bedsheet)




Its about time to buy your flight or train ticket.

You can arrive to the gathering grounds for the Gathering 14-19 Sept. You should not come a day before. 


You need to leave the gathering grounds the day your CI Gathering ends. Thats September 19th.


You will be ask in the info mail for a deposit of € 100 to pay upfront as a confirmation of your participation.


Tuesday 14th Sept AT  2 p.m. Bring the missing part of  your  fee in cash that day to your registration.


We recommend to rent cars and be open for sharing them. It will be self organized. If you have the possibility to rent one please do it.

You have to take care of your valuables all time by your own. Best is not to bring unessesary valuables like Labtops, expensive cameras. We can lock up valuables in the house, which you can get only during a special time a day. There is Internet, but its slow!

Use this days to live the new luxury of being UNPLUGGED and RELAXE competely

For more information and conversation please use this mail.




Healty alive food prepared with love and fresh vegetables from the local market, by our great team of chefs!

Local chefs Algarve

Rental Tents

Single Tent, with air matress and blanket.

Contact Dance Camp Algarve Portugal

Bell Tent tripple occupation, with 120cm airmatress and blankets

Rundzelt zu zweit  


In the main house are 5 rooms available with terrace and shared bathroom.

You can choose between double or single occupancy  

in queen size

and single beds

If you are a couple the rooms with king size beds are just perfect. (Click each of you kingsize bed together and mention you come with a couple)

Please let us know if you have questions about it.


Participation is on your own risk. Please note that if you are under medication, or are suffering from any severe physical injuries, please let us know before registering

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the festival, even at short notice, if there is a danger to the well-being of the visitors and organizers, such as viral infections (corona epidemic), storms or natural disasters (fire, hurricanes, floods). In this case the organizer cannot be held liable for private failures. To prevent further personal loss, we recommend to take out a travel cancellation insurance.

We reserve the right to refuse your participation, if necessary without giving a reason. 

You can reach us at registration@forgotten-land.com for any questions.



A participação é por sua conta e risco. Por favor, note que se você estiver sob medicação, ou se sofrer de qualquer lesão física grave, por favor nos avise antes de se registrar.

O organizador reserva-se o direito de cancelar o festival, mesmo a curto prazo, se houver perigo para o bem-estar dos visitantes e organizadores, como infecções virais (epidemia de coroa), tempestades ou desastres naturais (incêndios, furacões, inundações). Neste caso, o organizador não pode ser responsabilizado por falhas privadas. A fim de evitar cancelamentos pessoais, recomendamos que você faça um seguro de cancelamento de viagem.

Reservamo-nos o direito de recusar a sua participação, se necessário, sem dar um motivo. 

Você pode nos contatar em registration@forgotten-land.com para qualquer pergunta.



Die Teilnahme erfolgt auf eigenes Risiko. Bitte beachten Sie, dass Sie uns vor der Anmeldung informieren, wenn Sie unter Medikamenten stehen oder schwere körperliche Verletzungen erleiden.

Der Veranstalter behält sich vor das Festival notfalls auch kurzfristig abzusagen, wenn eine Gefahr für das Wohl der Besucher und Veranstalter bestehen, wie zum Beispiel durch virale Infektionen (Corona Epidemie), Unwetter oder Naturkatastprophen (Feuer, Hurikane, Überschwemmungen). In diesem Falle kann der Veranstalter nicht für private Ausfälle haftbar gemacht werden. Um persöhnlichen Ausfällen vorzubeugen empfehlen wir eine Reiserücktrittsversicherung abzuschliessen.

Wir behalten uns das Recht vor, Ihre Teilnahme zu verweigern, falls erforderlich auch ohne einen Grund nennen zu müssen. 

Bei Fragen können Sie uns unter registration@forgotten-land.com erreichen.



Registration is closed!



Meet Your Facilitators

Rita Vilhena Contact Dance

Rita Vilhena

Rita Vilhena is a choreographer and researcher about dance and movement in cultural or religious acts in different communities and the body as culture or sacred place. Professional dancer since 2003, her main motivation is the idea of transformation and participation, driven by intuition and pleasure. Her latest works #VIBRA #DOR and CORPO SANTO are a mark of her artistic journey with interest in Ritual and Performance. In 2005 he created Baila Louca improvisation and performance in Rotterdam. BL was born from an individual challenge, to give visibility and make collaborations with artists who inspired her such as Meg Stuart, Vania Rovisco, Julien Hamilton, Bruno Listopad, Jeremy Wade and many others. She teaches dance at the Escola Superior de Dança, and is part of the national and international community of Contact Improvisation. She has a degree in the Dance School, Rotterdam Academy of Dance and a Master in Performing Arts; she was awarded a scholarship at the Centre for Scientific Research in Dance and Musicology of INET- md. www.ritavilha.com/www.bailalouca.com

Barbara Ramos

Barbara Ramos

Barbara Ramos graduated as a Clinical Psychologist in 2009, where she began exploring therapy through movement. This interest was later compounded after a casual encounter with ethnic and middle eastern dance, which led to a professional and artistic practise developed over the following ten years. This journey then led Barbara to aerial acrobatics which she studied for over two years, this in turn fed her curiosity for more free movement expression. For the next five years Barbara studied contemporary and acrobatic dance and in her current research and personal practise now focuses on contact improvisation, partnering composition, instant composition, flying low and capoeira. Working under the inspiring guidance of teachers such as Pia Kramer ( movement psichoterapist ), Prashant More ( contemporary dance and flying low), Abhilash  Ningappa (instant composition), Magalie Lanriot ( contemporary dance ), Kira kirsch ( CI and Axis Sylabus ), Maximiliano Sanford ( Acrobatic dance), Vega Luukkonen and Hugh Stainer (Contact Improvisation ), Shura Baryshnikov and Sarah Konner (Contact Improvisation).

Volker Eschmann

Volker Eschmann

is an artist who positions his artistic work in the context of society. He develops and realize successfully concepts, strategies, and ways of working in the framework of various life-worlds. In relation to systems of expertise he understands non-artistic questions, problems, and prejudices, to respond to these professionally, and ground the relevance of his own work. He studied anthropology in J.W.Goethe University Frankfurt/Main with focus on rituals in traditional communities. Practical anthropological studies with the Griot (trad. mythteller) Nago Koite from Senegal/Berlin in african dance, music and storytelling He has bases in Berlin/Germany, Algarve/Portugal and Goa/India. Volker is in the directors team of Goa Contact Festival, Goa Ecstatic Dance Festival, Body Love Festival, Ecstatic Dance Festival Germany, Portugal CI Gathering & Meeting and Ecstatic Dance Festival Portugal. He is the founder of “Forgotten Land” at Arambol beach and in Aterra/ Alentejo, he is a co-founder of the Yoga & Dance Retreat “Ibiza Moving Arts” and In Touch Festivals international. He is an original member of Spacewalk. Spacewalk works with interventions in social and spacious areas of conflict by using means and methods of theater, dance, music, video and visual arts.

Alexa Papa

My name is Alexa Papa and I’m a passionate dancer and artist. I was born in Romania and currently living in south of Portugal. I started to move consciously about 6 years ago, also the time I’ve experienced my first Contact Improvisation workshop. This was a moment that opened a new world for me, full of new concepts, a new understanding of my body and what it can do if I just allow it (decompress). In the past years, I’ve been attending classes of Creative Movement, Contemporary Dance, Ideokinesis, Axis Syllabus, Butoh and other movement practices as well as Contact Improvisation workshops, Festivals and Intensives. I’ve shared amazing dances with many beautiful people and learned from many international teachers. CI became my main practice and focus and I’m always searching ways to share what I've learned,  to share dances, to explore and to discover together with other bodies how to move/be and to do what I love. Since I begun my dance journey, I’ve been part of dance performances in Romania and Portugal, co-creating a performance, co-organizing 2 editions of Arrábida Dance Gatherings and finally sharing my passion.

Tiago Perfil

Tiago Rouxinol

Tiago Rouxinol born in Portugal in 1977 and moved to Brazil in 1999 where he became a Capoeira teacher. Traveling around Latin America he fell in Love with music and went to Cuba to study percussion. Looking for the roots went several times to West Africa to learn traditional and tribal instruments such as djembe, kora, balafon. Became a multi instrumentalist and created 2 bands of world music that still exist, Yemadas and Onda 9. Also he has been making a research on how to include everybody into the music and started to study Body music with a great master Keith Terry- Cross Pulse. Some years ago he created and facilitated the Music for All workshop  based on Body percussion and Circle Singing, where people can learn many music games and different forms of developing rhythm and coordination in a very playful way without using instruments , but simply their bodies!

Samuel del Bello

Samuel del Bello

Samuel del Bello is a mover and life explorer. A vagabond who loves to play, to experience, to integrate and get inspired from diverse people and disciplines. Deeply rooted in his own body and somatic experience outgrows the desire for connecting with the other, authenticity express and communicate, listen, move together, support, dance and rise each others up. Low gravity field – water sessions – I offer this as an invitation to explore ourselves in relation to the water element. Coming from our own bodies and inner waters, tapping in our cellular and embryological memory. We go on to explore movement and its qualities in this familiar and unique environment. Be water my friend.

Howard Sonenklar

Howard Sonenklar

  Howard Sonenklar has been involved with movement studies, contact improvisation, dance, theatre and somatic integration techniques for the past 40 years. He has taught and performed extensively throughout Europe and South America since the 1980’s. He is highly respected for his teaching and most well known for his integration of innovative movement research combining principles of perception, touch and alignment therapies, with] self inquiry. In the last 16 years he has been a professor at the National Conservatory of Theatre in Lisbon, Portugal, specialising in sharing his work for stage actors.

Johanna Wyss

Johanna Wyss

After an education in physical theatre Johanna worked for 10 years as acrobatic and circus teacher for children and as actress/dancer in several projects. Then live decided that she should become a gardener and tango teacher in Portugal where she lives since almost 6 years. Since 12 years she dances contact improvisation and explores the similarities and differences between contact, acrobatics and tango.

Ana Root

She has been a dancer since she was a child. Her training was developed around classical ballet, contemporary dance, flamenco, butoh and odissi dance, classical dance from India, where she lived for seven years. Lately, it was on the African continent, Mali, Senegal and Burkina Faso, that she found the right space to develop her most recent projects. Since 2009, her great dedication is focused on regular Afro dance classes where she develops a work of body and cultural awareness. Ana Root, is the voice of the Yemadas musical project, a world music band that has already released 5 albums. It was during this project that she developed her passion for music, having a natural gift for playing different instruments such as the ukulele, space drums and multi-percussions. She lived and worked artistically in several countries, until taking root in the south of Portugal, where she currently lives in a community. Invited by Madalena Victorino, she developed choreographic and musical projects such as Rastilho, Mar Adentro, Evaporo 2, A Cantora Deitada and Quando in the context of the cultural project LAVRAR O MAR. Recently, as percussionist and dancer, Lusitana de Mariana Root, her sister, is part of a musical project dedicated to Portuguese roots.

Irene Alvarez

Dancer, Physiotherapist. Since child, she is related to Dance. First it was Classical Dance and along the years she trained in Contemporary, Butoh, Dance Theatre, Contact Improvisation, Flamenco and Yoga traveling in Europe, Cuba and India. She impulses the practice of CI in Portugal & Spain. With Pedro Paz they develop ‘Oficinas de Corpo Inteiro' (2014) in Lisbon. She organizes ‘Asturias Contact Festival' since its birth in 2015 and she teaches in Contact Improvisation meetings such as Paris Gathering, Cercanías Contact Festival, Apoteósico, Arrabida Gathering. Nowadays she holds several spaces for CI practice in Lisbon and around, collaborating with Rita Vilhena & Rita Venturini among others. CI is the perfect tool to explore human behaviors and relationships in a dance form. Also, to understand and enjoy body movement in space, affected by the universal forces. Main Influences in this field come from dancers as Mirva Makinen, Cristiane Boullosa, Linda Bufali, Asaf Bachrach, Andrew Harwood, Emmanuelle Pepin, Olaf Kehler, Angelica Doni, Patrícia Kuypers.

Pedro de Faro

Pedro de Faro, musician since he was 3 years old, composer, guitarist, poly instrumentalist, experienced and fluidly accompanies Scenic, Intuitive, Ritual, Reconnective, Trance Dance and Contact Improv since 2012/2015  

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