Red earth. Warm Breeze. Blue sky.
The earth calls to those who speak the language of the heart.
Forgotten Land is where the seekers come to find what we are looking for.
Freedom of creation. Freedom of intimacy. Freedom within community

Events, Festivals, and Programs

In between the hills and the sea, you will find the Forgotten Land Portugal gathering. Here the community comes to express, to create, and to share our gifts with each other. We express from the heart and trust our own creativity. Together, we step fully into the present moment and celebrate the rediscovery of our own inner artists.


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I am able to create whatever my heart wants

- Volker

This is a place where we can truly belong; a place where we can live our lives and live our passions. It is a loving environment where we can be held by the earth, and carried by the community around us. Through dance, improvisation, and somatic awareness; we transform deep individual journeys into connection and co-creation within our tribe.

Beneath our feet we feel the heartbeat of the land. The warm breeze carries the song of Mama Africa, and we find ourselves reconnected to the roots of humanity. Here, we gather to dance, to sing, to move, and to grow. We learn to rise in love with ourselves and with each other all over again.

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