Deep Dive Forgotten Land Arambol Beach

Evolutionary movement and ritualistic arts

By Andrea Scheel


4 day immersions or day experiences for integrating our body and movement to its expressive and ritualistic nature through the connection of the 4 elements of traditional cosmovisions. How do I unleash my inner power in creative ways?  What is the meaning of my path as part of the whole? How can I envision life through my dance, my voice, my forms and colors? Dances of vision, music of vision, visionary art, the artist as shaman.

All life comes from the water, by activating our liquid body,  with a somatic and evolutionary movement approach, we remember our healing power and artistic flow, finding our personal poetics. I call personal poetics to the integration of tools for expressing ourselves, and see them as a map for rediscovering our selves among the tribe. Sound, movement and media explorations for sharing our ritual arts as we go through every element, unveiling their nature and the gifts they bring us.

We will work with breathe, the neurocellular patterns (vibration, pulsation, cellular breathing…) to awaken our primal and authentic movement and sound with the help of our Nahual. Nahual is our hidden energy which is embodied in a power animal which follows us through our whole lives.

Using these embodied inpirations, we will go deep into the integrative creative process into composition and design. We will produce on-the-minute performances and dance for camera, on water or land, in easy formats as gifs, photos, or 1 minute videos. As well as the use of voice, rythm and instruments, creation of nature media and installations will be empowered.


Tools and origins


ØWater body&being work such as WATA (wasser tanz), Aguahara and Janzu.

ØThe liquid body and dream world awakening



ØPsychomagic acts and archetypical work from Alejandro Jodorowsky


ØImprovisation and composition explorations for performatic and audiovisual content



ØContact improvisation

ØMask, media , visual and installation explorations for creation



ØVibration and sound


ØVoice/music jamming



For whom?

Performers, dancers, musicians, visual artists, painters,  bodyworkers and anybody with some experience in body practices into the healing or artistic sense.


What for?

Taking the embodied and therapeutic work personal journey between water and earth into poetic products such as short videos, photographs, visual media, performance, etc. Taking the healing processes into the artistic realm.



Elemental experiences

Daily experiences  ( 3-6 hrs) with a taste of the elemental experience .

Cost 20-40 dlls scale.

Elemental journeys (24-28 hrs)

26 – 29 dec

28 – 30 ene

20 – 23 feb

Cost 333dlls -444dlls scale


Facilitated by Andrea Scheel

Performer, choreographer, healer and water being who likes sharing through collective experiences for creation and healing. Trained in contemporary dance and naturopathy, she has immersed herself in the artistic and healing paths both converging in energy work. Along with Tantra and water trips, she has been co creating several workshops and laboratories with