Vega & Hugh Contact Improvisation Intensive, 2-8 May 22

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We invite you to join us for a week immersed in Movement and Nature.

We are offering different perspectives and approaches to C.I. and will find, together with the group, a deeper understanding and embodiment of principles that are at the heart of our practice.Contact is a continually evolving form. Both in the dance itself, and in the facilitation of workshops and classes. In this week we will be focusing on taking the time to delve into what is most present for the group. In this way we wish to hold a space that serves the wishes and needs that arise and move fluidly with the journey. Just like in the dance.Through this approach, we aim to give more time and space for integration, both for the body and the group.

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We work with a variety of different methods including explorative exercises, experiential anatomy and specific technical material, or ‘phrases’ of movement.We will begin by playing with gravity and momentum, focusing on the ideas of falling and flying- both in solo movement, and in contact. Starting close to the ground and building up through levels, we develop confidence in our own abilities,
building trust in the body.By researching in our solo movement the subtle mechanics of ‘small dance’, suspension & reaching, we progress towards using momentum and spirals to learn, fluid ways to lift one-another through ‘catching a ride’. Working with the frame and structure of the arms, we find ways connect to space and find counterbalance in the body, providing frames to both lift and be lifted, and offer structures to be explored. We will focus in on the details and technique of body tone, alignment and small points of contact, that help with finding lightness in being lifted and efficiency in lifting.

There will also be sessions dedicated to personal research, ‘lobbing’ and bodywork.

The intensive includes :* Daily workshops and classes
* Jams
* Beautiful outdoor dance space in nature
* Space for your own movement investigations
* Opportunities to dance on the beach and in the ocean (Covid permitting)
* Delicious, local vegetarian (mainly Vegan) food
* Live Musicians
* Swimming Pool

We focus on cultivating a deeper awareness of listening, breathing, giving, receiving, and timing.Technique and Poetry.
Structure and Freedom.
Playful Beings in Motion.