Guru Suraj under tree at Art Ashram

200 hr Yoga Teacher Training at Art Ashram

200 hr Yoga Teacher Trainings at Forgotten Land with Guru Suraj

We believe that the most important aspect of teaching is respecting everyone’s unique individuality. This training is an opportunity for individuals to experience a radical and traditional approach to yoga. We wish to create self-empowered teachers, who combine and share their intuition, imagination, curiosity and discipline. Our intention is to inspire you to be more in your unique individuality – authentic, true, loving, and caring. Roots have to be in yoga, and the branches have to be in the world – then they balance each other.

2018 Nov 25 – Dec 24  / 2019 Feb 9 -March 8, 200 h Yoga Alliance certified Trainings

Vision for Yogic Live

Vision for Yogic Live

Our vision is to live a life with balance. A yogi should be capable of looking in and out. Balancing the inner and the outer world. To enable you to take Yoga off the mat and into all aspects of your life. In that, Yoga moves beyond the body and becomes an inner journey. Our vision is to empower you, so that you can be true with which you are, teach what you love, and therefore ‘become the teaching’.

Who is this Training for

Who is this Training for

Anyone who has a desire to know their inner self?  You may be a Yoga practitioner or teacher who is seeking clarity or greater depth, or you may be fairly new to Yoga. Either way, everyone is welcome; your intention is much more important.

Intent of the Course

Intent of the Course

The course will be framed around the three main paths of Yoga – Hatha, Raja, Bhakti – through asana, pranayama and meditation. Our Yoga school balances discipline and curiosity while inspiring strength and creativity. However, this will be set against a varied backdrop of alternate perspectives of yoga and life, so that you may realize your own vision of what yoga means for you in today’s world.

After the training, you will receive either a Teaching certificate (200hr Yoga Alliance certified) or an Attendance certificate, depending on your overall performance and attitude throughout the four weeks training.

Content of the Course

Content of the Course


We more emphasis on clarity of technique, alignment, imagery, improvised, complete somatic involvement and prana. Principals of pranayama and mediation. We will introduce and explore both physical and philosophical.


The art of listening, we will study more deeply on listening to your own intuition and others. Few skills that you will study, the art of language, sequencing, body reading, energy pathways, the art of touching and Assisting .

Anatomy and Physiology:

Western Anatomy: Basic studies will include muscular, skeletal and nervous systems. These ideas will be applied in each asana. A guest speaker will lead these sessions.

Yogic Anatomy: The Chakras will be introduced and applied to specific asana work. Specific chakra mediations will be practiced.

Movement Analysis studies: The program will include additional Axis Syllabus techniques to support your understating of the body motion, in relationship with the asana.


Specific reading will be assigned and discussed. These reading will be selected from great master’s reflections of yogic living. Assigned readings will be required from, for example, Patanjali’s Yoga sutras, etc.

We will empower you to teach and during the course we will focus on specific classical Hatha Yoga postures, sun salutations, and meditation. With this understanding, we will encourage you to be creative and explore “your” way of teaching.

There will be a variety of ways in which we will encourage and support you to learn and share. However, there will also be significant periods of silent time, aside from studying, where you are encouraged to practice silence, solitude, and meditation.

There will be ongoing homework and assessment – including written, verbal and practical. Typically the main exams are in Anatomy (end of week 2), Philosophy (week 3), asana test and 1 hour taught class (week 4).

The Teaching Faculty

Your Costs

108.000 INR (about 1350 €) 

Our price is fully inclusive of tuition and food at Forgotten Land Arambol Goa, a comprehensive course manual and Yoga Mat. A deposit of 25% is payable to secure your place. Balances are due 2 months before the start date. 

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The Teaching Faculty

The Teaching Faculty

Guru Suraj

The Yoga in the Teachers Training at Forgotten Land is facilitated by Guru Suraj. An indian teacher with strong roots in the ancient culture. Gifted with an open mind that travelled far with his contemporary arts practise. He is able to understand the beauty the diversity of different cultures brings. His humbleness comes through acceptance of the universal wisdom. Wisdom that grows from the quitness of his compassioned heart. Raised as a child by his father a meditation teacher, absorbing the Yogic tradition from his antsisters with his blood. His path is going further he is holding the key in himself which opens the doors for traditional Yoga to meet improvised dance and contemporary arts as one.

Guru is living in Chennai/India is a yoga trainer, painter, dancer, theatre artist and more. Graduate from one of the most established Art institutions in India – The Government College of Fine Arts, Chennai. Has a Masters in philosophy in Yoga. Confident and savvy, Suraj is also a contact-improvisation dancer with experience in organizing yoga camps and art exhibitions around India and abroad. He is exposed to the vibrant creative milieu of musicians, dancers, painters, and actors of this artistically conscious South Indian city.