Find your inner magic at Forgotten Land!

Arambol, Goa, is an international melting pot of musicians, artists, and spiritual seekers. Each year we come together to create a field of love and beauty and to celebrate the here and now. 

Forgotten Land, Arambol is an enchanting venue directly on the beach. Home of the Goa Contact Festival and the Goa Ecstatic Festival. Enjoy a spacious ocean-view dance floor, live music stage, organic restaurant, healing and chill out area. We offer a communal space for gatherings and immersions, its an invitation for the individual to reconnect with the creative source, artistically and spiritually. A place for music, dance, art, ritual, performance & ceremonie.

Our new venue the Art Ashram at Temple Road opens November 2018 and is created to dive deeper in your experience, immerse in the disciplines of movement, arts and consciousness. Breathing the heart of nature in a peaceful authentic atmosphere of unspoiled countryside lifestyle. The Art Ashram will be open all year and invites you to stay and co-create the field that connects us with the wisdom nature holds on earth. A long grown and heartfully esthablished community is at home at Forgotten Land & Art Ashram. Here you find the friends and carefull support you might need for your journey.



The very center of your heart is where life begins. The most beautiful place on earth.
~ Rumi

Forgotten Land at Arambol Beach