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We come together internationally to remember what it means to connect to each other, through dance, music, play, and community.

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11 - 31 Aug 2024
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Musicians, artists, dancers and spiritual seekers

We come together to deepen our presence, surrender to the moment and discover what truly wants to be created through us. Embodying individual and collective transformation with passion for the ecstatic dance of life.

This is a place for living art

We allow our creativity to flow through us in a divine and spontaneous way. In our Contact Dance Festivals we explore different aspects of movement, improvisation and performing arts. Nightly dance jams take place in marquees outdoors, beside the ocean or a lake, inspired with eclectic djs and live musicians.

“Forgotten Land is a call to freedom, it has been a great invitation to let regrets and old restrictions die, and to identify with the newness that happens within. I feel that Forgotten Land is a space of deep learning with joy and celebration. People come here from diverse and different back grounds to make a international family. Forgotten Land is a sanctuary of joy, love and growth.”

Guru Suraj / India

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Bukit Asah / Virgin Beach


Motions Berlin

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Forgotten Land

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Where your community is waiting with love and acceptance for all

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Messages from our Tribe

Forgotten Land is my oasis in Arambol beach. It is located just in front oft he sea, and has deliscious and clean food. It feels great to spend time here, both alone or with friends, and it gives a very strong feeling of community. This is definetly you place if you are into dance, somatic education, yoga, music or a nomadic lifestyle!

Arun JiSpain

I was searching for a place where I wanted to forget about the world – and search for myself- Some good act of fortune helped me to land at Forgotten Land. The initial plan was to stay for 4 days and I ended up 11 days! Here, the artist within me could establish connections not only with the minds but with the souls of people around me.

Sachin PathakIndia

Forgotten Land is amazing! Many acknowlegded teachers come and share thier wisdom at Forgotten Land,and that creates a great environment for learning. We offer high-quality courses, festivals and workshops – from the fields of dance, contact improvisation, body awareness, ecstatic dance and more... Forgotten Land really does feel like my home by the sea.

Vega LuukkonenFinland

Forgotten Land feels like coming back home, every time I set foot there. I´ve been attending the Goa Contact Festival as a partof the scholarship program for a couple of years now. The feeling of oneness, coming together of like minded people, sharing experiences and stories – while still retaining our uniqueness is what draws me back to Forgotten Land again and again.

Vidushi GuptaIndia

I spend over three months wrapped in the warm embrace of Forgotten Land and its incredible community. The container created there and the growth it faciliated within the dance practice has rippled throughout my life in innumerable positive ways. If you want to dance everday with amazing humans at the a beautiful beach during the winter months, there is no other place.

Alex WeinsteinUSA