Forgotten Land invites you to Discover your Inner Artist

We come together to remember what it means to connect to each other, through movement, music, play, and community.

This is a place for living art. We practice fully embodying our creativity, and allowing it to flow through us in divine and spontaneous ways.

Forgotten Land brings together a melting pot of musicians, artists, dancers, and spiritual seekers. We gather to: Deepen our presence, Surrender to the moment, Discover what truly wants to be created through us
Join us on a magical journey, an exploration of the mystery that is waiting to be unlocked from within.

Forgotten Land is calling...

Will you choose to discover?

Many of us have forgotten what it means to be embodied. Here, we find the path back into our own true essence. Some come here at the beginning of their journey – to discover their mission. And others come to re-learn what it means to express their creative truth and take that first step all over again. 

Embrace The Experience


Ocean Darshan


Expansive Dance Temple


Organic Nourishment


Chillout Zones


Deep Connections

Your community is waiting

With love and acceptance for all

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