Forgotten Land invites you to Discover your Inner Artist!


Forgotten Land Community encourages people to recognize and use their own creative potential. In the workshops, meetings and festivals, we work together with different artistic methods to immerse ourselves in a flow state that allows everyone to blossom self-forgetfully in play. This can awaken self-healing forces and activate community-oriented solution and life designs. 

This winter we spent six wonderful weeks in Guatemala at Lake Atitlán with hundreds of people, rich in encounters and experiences. Welcomed and supported by the Central/Latin American dance community, we slowly and carefully approached a culture that was unknown to most of us. Together we realized a rich program of workshops, festivals and concerts.


The journey continues this summer to the Algarve Coast/Portugal, which has become a real home for us over the last few years. This summers program begun with Body-Mind Centering® with Nina Wehnert and continues with Vega & Hugh CI Intensive

Fluentbody with Florencia Lamarca, Ecstatic Dance Spring Festival in Nature Community. In June we have the Contact Improvisation Meeting Portugal, in August a Butoh Training with Minkao Seki. And September the Portugal Contact Gathering, artistic direction by Rita Vilhena, followed by the second part of Vega & Hugh Intensives. Finally in October another module of BMC® Intensive with Nina Wehnert.  Stay tuned we will publishing all events within the month of June!

NEW in our program is a Production Training for those who have the dream to create embodied community rituals within the Forgotten Land Community and under an own label.

During the coming winter months we want to return to Arambol Beach in Goa, an international melting pot of musicians, artists, and spiritual seekers. Each year we come together to create a field of love and beauty and to celebrate the here and now. 

An enchanting venue directly on the beach. Home of the Goa Contact Festival and the Goa Ecstatic Festival  and the Contact Improv Intensive Training with Vega & Tara. Enjoy a spacious ocean-view dance floor, live music stage, organic restaurant, healing and chill out area. We offer a communal space for gatherings, journeys and immersions, its an invitation for the individual to reconnect with the creative source, artistically and spiritually. A place for music, dance, art, ritual, performance & ceremonie.

A long grown and heartfully esthablished community is at home at Forgotten Land. Here you find the friends and carefull support you might need for your journey.



The very center of your heart is where life begins. The most beautiful place on earth.
~ Rumi

Forgotten Land at Arambol Beach

Due to an unexpected technical problem, our former website was damaged beyond repair. We are working on building a new one, but that will take a bit of time. For the moment we will continue to present you our festival and gathering information here. Do not worry, we are still very much on track to prepare a wonderful journey for you on our coming events! Your community is waiting for you. – Yours, Volker Eschmann