Forgotten Land

Forgotten Land Community encourages people to recognize and use their own creative potential. In the workshops, meetings and festivals, we work together with different artistic methods to immerse ourselves in a flow state that allows everyone to blossom self-forgetfully in play. This can awaken self-healing forces and activate community-oriented solution and life designs. 

We look forward to meeting you and invite you to be a part of it.

Permaculture Projects

Forgotten Land works with sustainable permaculture projects in a family-like transparent atmosphere. We don't do business, we work on community that creates real human value, connection and opportunity for everyone.

Heart of the Community

In the Forgotten Land we work for the heart of the community. The Forgotten Land owns no land, engages in existing sustainable land communities and flows to where the heart of the community is.

Ritual Calendar

We are celebrating in a cyclic ritual calendar the connection between body, nature and cosmos. Our being reflects the nature and cosmos around us. Transformative processes to initiate new life force within.

Create the way by walking it

In our ritualised Festivals, Gatherings, Journeys we do not follow the mind, but as many ancient wisdom traditions suggest, we follow life. Life is constant change, is wisdom not knowledge. Is eternal if you do not hold on to it. Do not hold on to the past, always be ready to go with the new. The one who goes with the new will find again everything that lies hidden in the old.

The one who clings to the old will find neither what is hidden in the old, nor what is hidden in the new. The way is not given you have to create it first by walking it.

Volker Eschmann

Project Creation

Volker has spent the last years of his life growing and building the international Forgotten Land community. His mission is to support the discovery and creativity of both individual and group creativity through art, music, movement, somatics and performance. As an artist and social entrepreneur, Volker focuses on creating the spaces for other’s flourish, share their gifts, and discover their own potential.

He is an artist who places his artistic work in the context of society. He successfully develops and realizes concepts, strategies and ways of working within the framework of different life worlds. In relation to specialized systems, he understands non-artistic issues, problems and prejudices in order to respond to them professionally and justify the relevance of his own work.

His studies are focused on rituals in traditional communities. His most important mentor and teacher, the griot (trad. myth teller) Nago Koite from Senegal/Berlin, introduced him to African dance, music and storytelling.

“I try to find the crack in the system where eternity can shine through. And when I find it, I hold the door open, and we enter together.”

Living Community

We know each other from all those heart-warming places, not only in Goa, but in Berlin, Bali, Ibiza, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Thailand, Portugal, Guatemala and more. We invite conscious communities of dance, music, and yoga to engage and share, bringing light, laughter, and freedom to the world.

Inner Truth

It is important to stand together and support one another. The purpose of the Forgotten Land community gatherings is to create a space where we are able to listen to our inner truth and reach our full potential of human expression. It is this freedom to be ourselves and realise our personal path that makes us rich.

Here for each other

Our wish is for everyone who visits Forgotten Land to have a great time—to learn, play and enjoy themselves. If you feel like anyone or anything needs more attention, we are here to listen. We bring out the best in each other, and every voice is worthy of being expressed and heard.

High Quality for fair Prices

We do our best to provide wonderful settings, healthy organic food, and dynamic facilitators, performers, musicians, and healers, at a price that is fair and affordable. We collaborate and listen to the needs of the locals. We support local artists in scholarship programs. This is a low-threshold service, with a focus on serving community.
When possible, we provide early bird prices at about 10% off the regular fee, and we offer discounts to those who enroll is multiple festivals. For most events, we also work with a helper team at a reduced price. Please contact us as soon as possible about opportunities to volunteer.

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