Celebration. Connection. Community.

This is the place where everyone is welcomed home.
We gather to unfold our own knowledge,
to honor our unique inspiration,
and to embrace our collective magic.

Freedom to belong. Freedom to express. Freedom to create. 

Events, Festivals, and Programs

Just a few hours outside of the hustle & bustle of the city, you will find Forgotten Land, Germany. We gather by the clear cool waters, in the forest and fields on indoor and outdoor dance floors, with chill cafe, community sauna, and holistic healing zone. We come together to explore body awareness, music, and dance. Here, we step fully into the present moment and celebrate the discovery of our own inner artists.

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Nature Community

“I am able to create whatever my heart really wants”

Volker Eschmann

Together, we swim in the cool waters of the lake, and share sacred songs inside the warmth of the community sauna. We embrace the quiet of the nature around us, and open to the peace and joy of our hearts. Forgotten Land welcomes us to be our most authentic selves. Here, we find the opportunity to discover the inner artist within each of us, and the chance to perceive life as the gift it truly is.

We witness each other’s faces, glowing in the light of the fire.
We learn from each other’s bodies, full of joy and curiosity as we move across the dance floor. We experience each other openly as we learn, and teach, and co-create. We welcome the whole family to join us here as we sing, dance, perform, create, express, and discover the magic within ourselves.