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Adriana Víquez

Contact Improvisation Facilitator

I started my dance exploration journey over 15 years ago, although the first seeds of curiosity for body and spiritual practices were planted back in my childhood by my oldest sister, who offered me a glimpse of the great gifts of Yoga and meditation. These two have been pillars on my development as a curious soul and body.

A constantly growing need for the expansion of that movement led me to water those seeds with different dance forms until deciding to focus on studying Contemporary Dance at the university in Costa Rica and Argentina, while performing as part of different dance projects and ensembles.

During those years, nutrients such as physical theatre, acroyoga and capoeira became a great support and prepared me to meet Dance Improvisation and Contact Improvisation, an already enormously rich soil with grown trees, where I was offered to eat its fruits since the first encounter.

Those seeds of consciousness, playfulness, creativity and poetry traveled to the soil I had been preparing and now I’m witnessing them sprout and grow into everchanging fields of movement possibilities.

For the last 5 years I have been immersed in the study, practice and teaching of CI, while traveling and receiving great inspiration from teachers like Andrew Harwood, Anya Cloud, Hugh Stanier, Vega Luukkonen, Katja Mustonen, amongst others.


I am fascinated by the spaciousness and sensitivity of an open body, which allows it to fully Be in a constant state of receptiveness and responsiveness while moving and being moved. For the opening process of the body to those states and to navigate its inner landscapes, I am interested in imagery, the journey of attention during authentic solo movement (specially in spaces where natural elements weave their dance with ours) into the expansion of attention that allows meeting the other(s) and resting in the unknown as we witness the dance unfold.


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