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Alaya Laurie Turcotte

Dance & Theater Performer

Dance and theater performer, but mostly experimental and movement explorer. I have learnt and grew along different artists and investigated dance and voice beyond the labels but also within, such as contact improvisation, butho, physical theater, drum singing and african dance. I am also a Kundalini yoga teacher, which has been my fundamental practice for years to access different levels of energy and states of being.

First workshop : States of dance

Feeling the seeds of the movement, the influence and impact of our imagination on our body, as well as external tools such as masks, clothe and sound. This workshop is a laboratory happening in 4 different stages of entering into a feeling and letting the body expressing it. Then ending with a final solo uniting these states into one.

Second workshop: Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is also said as the yoga of transformation, using mainly fire energy through breath and dynamic mouvements to elevate Life force, the vital energy. This workshop offers an entrance in mouvement, a full kriya (serie of various mouvement and breath exercises) and a singing meditation.

This practice is based on generating energy that can also make arise the limitations of the mind, giving the opportunity to the practicionner to observe and eventually transform the patterns of the mental that block energy to circulate.  All parts of this workshop comes from the traditional teachings from KRI (Kundalini research Institute).

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