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Gary & Marsy Gagarin

Ecstatic Dj and Ceremony Leader

Gary Gagarin – Ecstatic Dj, musician, producer and dj resident and curator of Ecstatic Dance venue Shunya in Goa, Arambol. In 2018 Gary became a resident dj at the Source Arambol, one the biggest international ED dance floors in the world. Since he started his dj career in 1991 he was searching for the balanced way how to blend his conscious lifestyle with his passion to electronic music and dance events. When he discovered Ecstatic Dance the idea and it’s benefit completely took over him.

Now he lives in India and creates music journeys once in a week, around few thousand people during the season. Gary famous for his groovy powerful sets with excellent transitions between the tracks. He is pure magician of the dance floor. All his journeys never repeated and never been recorded after.

Gary masterly mixing music of all genres: nomadic ethno fusion, desert blues, deep techno, afro beats, dubstep, mantra beat, balkan, folk and psychedelic. His signature style expressed in a good quality modern organic electronic, what cares music traditions and melodies of ancient tribes and awaken our authentic nature and connecting to the roots.

Inspired by the true benefits for body and mental health Gary is deeply dedicated to the idea of Ecstatic Dance and absolutely believes that it’s blossoming will change the world.



Anna Marsy – ecstatic dance facilitator, singer, musician, dancer and ceremony leader.

Anna was practicing contemporary dance and yoga for last 10 years, she was traveling around the world collecting music traditions, songs and rituals from different cultures. In Ecstatic Dance she uses alchemy of all her knowledges and talents and brings gentle approach in facilitation and guiding. Her ceremonies embracing with loving energy and care and sharing medicine vibes.  She uses her voice as a tool to activate the ceremony and dance floor, cacao rituals to open up the hearts and some simple techniques from dance background to make everyone feel free and move free in a playful way.

Anna is holding the space and lovingly guiding the journey. She is the keeper and music servant, all her ceremonies it’s as a prayer to Earth, all living being and elders. She is following ahimsa principle and creates supportive energie for all participants. Anna also performs medicine songs in the grounding sound journey alongside talented musicians and singers from all over the world. Her songs sounds soothing and creates calm and embracing sound landscapes.  She is also music curator of Ecstatic Dance events at Shunya venue in Goa, Arambol and has facilitated more than hundred dance ceremonies for last five years.


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