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Joerg Hassmann

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My profession and passion is to dance and to share the dance with others. That’s what I do through teaching, performing, writing and organizing. In the beginning I was mainly driven by creating dance and theatre pieces, bringing improvisation on stage. A while back teaching CI has become my main field of exploration, which I began in 1995 – and now it lets me travel the whole world. Developmental movement patterns, an anatomical focus on the skeleton and the fascia system, Capoeira, Release Techniques and many kinds of sports have guided my understanding of the moving body.

Originally I am from Germany but now based in Australia. I regularly return to Europe to dance, teach and research.

I am driven by curiosity and discovery and intend to infect my students with this spark.

My aim is to create alive spaces, where people find enough trust to manoeuvre themselves towards the unknown, where the learning and the growing happens in a safe environment, partly with a smell of disorientation, discomfort and excitement.

I foster the polarity of detailed and precise work that brings us to the edge of what we can perceive and on the other hand rather open frames where the new information can unfold by letting it go.

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