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Layla Cougouilles

Researcher in Authentic Relating & human connection

Born in France, Layla explored herself through travelling the world with an open and curious mind. Her steps led her to study the human being from different angles, with a great interest for emotional dynamics, holistic health and creative expression. Layla’s immersion in community living and her passion for understanding brought her to explore relational dynamics in depth, and bring courage and consciousness in that sensitive field. She learnt Non-violent Communication, certified in Authentic Relating Leadership, and is now hosting events on the topic of Authentic Relating and Ethical Polyamory, as well as offering mediation, conflict transformation, relational support and therapeutic inquiry.
Her abundant creativity is mostly expressed through dance, with Contact Improvisation as her main practice, nourished by some inspiration from Clowning, her love for Thai and deep-tissue massage, writing, music and painting. Together with Gabriel, she is holding Casa Barriga by cultivating the human aspect of this living lab, combining greater freedom, transparency and care to inspire truth speaking and bravery in the field of human relationships.
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