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American singer-songwriter

Mahalakshmi is an American singer-songwriter. She is a devotional sound yogini and writer who has been composing music for over twenty years. Mahalakshmi has performed in US, India, and Europe. Mahalakshmi weaves poetic lyrics into catchy melodies while accompanying herself on keyboard (piano). She writes music in service to humanity, with messages of hope and sanity, of Truth, Simplicity, and Love.

She also performs & leads groups in original and traditional kirtan, an extremely healing & transformative practice of singing the names and attributesof the Divine in Sanskrit. Mahalakshmi is the featured vocalist & keyboardist in Emam’s longstanding world fusion band Emam & Friends. She is also a contributing composer.

Early in life, Mahalakshmi discovered a lifeline in music. Divine music came to her ear beyond any conscious intent and often arrived with words and chords complete. It was through sound that she discovered bliss and peace. This internal discovery was and is a continual uncovering of treasure. Her clear and direct work in this life is to write and perform music that bathes herself and the listener in beauty and truth.

Writing remains an output of her creativity, however, the only medium that fully expresses her innermost self is music. Mahalakshmi wishes to gift the world this music as it comes from the place where we all meet as one in our shared humanity, with pure intention of heart.

She is a reiki healer and music is an extension of her healing practice.

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