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Mónica Brás 

Mover & Improviser

Mónica Brás ~ Mover & Improviser ~

Dance moves through my body since my early years, from Ballet to Hip-Hop.
Performing in many stages and formats, I was always used to follow and memorize structured choreographies.
It was in the Goa Contact Festival by 2015 were I met Contact Improvisation. It was not love at first sight but over time it allowed me to deconstruct my dance concepts and thought me to improvise. That brought me a lot of freedom and expansion, both in my movement and perception.
Today, I’m an improvisation lover – in the dancefloor and life.


2. My class~ Movement Journey ~

We will immerse together on a movement journey. Giving space to our natural movement, exploring unknown places and connecting to our authenticity. Voicing, improvising, flowing, imagining.


3. My bodywork~ Transformative Bodywork ~

Transformative Bodywork is not a conventional relaxing massage. Is a somatic practice where the receiver is active in the process, through constantly breathing, through contracting and letting go. There is the freedom to scream, cry, laugh, move and get out of the table. Transformative Bodywork transforms patterns and strugglings, allowing the body and life to flow with more truth and genuineness. The breath is the landscape sound of the session and is always there. The body is the anchor to the present moment and reality. The awareness increases, the perception expands. Clarity arrives and insights appear.

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