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Noam Carmeli

Teacher, dancer, director

Teacher, dancer, director and producer (Architect until 2010)
Has been interested and active for many years in the connection between art, physical practice and personal and social (community) awareness.
As a teacher and dancer he specializes in contact improvisation and group improvisation. Noam has been performing in improvisation and teaching regularly since 2005 in Israel and around the world in professional institutions (dance companies and schools for dancers) and to the general public.
He is CEO of the Contact Improvisation Association in Israel, co-director of Studio Tana, one of the founders of the Octet improvisation group and managing the Community Dancer project at the Ministry of Culture.
As part of his master’s degree studies, he delved into the field of group improvisation as a performance art and its connection to the sense of belonging in everyday life and the community.


INTENSIVE in Festival

How deep is the ocean? How high is the sky?

What is movement and how do we sense it in the body?
How can we create movement while wisely using the force of nature? What can support the flow of movement with our partner?

In this workshop we will look deeply for what are the principles in Contact Improvisation that help us stay in continuous connection with ourselves, the movement and with our partner during the dance.
We will find ways to share weight while releasing unnecessary effort and tools to enrich the combination of a strong structure with free movement, a fundamental combination that exists around us in nature, which may help to support the depth, the joy and the acrobatic side in our Contact dance.


POST WORKSHOP 3-6- Feb 2024

Catching and riding the waves.

What is the “wave of the movement”?
How do we feel it in our body?
How does it appear in the world, and how can we develop our ability to sense it?

Like the musician who is experienced in hearing sound, and like the painter who uses colors to create, maybe we, as movers, can feel the wave of the movement and use it, create with it…

Through various exercises (from different movement modalities), alone and with partners, we will try to follow the waves, feel them in our body, and learn how to catch and ride them while dancing.
Catching the wave and practicing how to invoke it in our body can give us a pleasurable and effortless contact dance which is freer, more accurate and full of flow and joy.


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