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Dancer & Community Creator

My name is Alina.

I am a Dreamer, Spaceholder, Dancer and Community creator. Since 2019, i have been facilitating Ecstatic dances, Women circles, Cacao ceremonies and Heart Medicine Gatherings. Already from very young age, i was dreaming of a space where people live in a peaceful tribe in harmony with nature, accepting, respecting, loving and caring for each other. It is my passion to create these spaces – filled with playfulness, honesty, body expression and meaningful connection – and to encourage the people around me to also do that.


Bodypaint Workshop.

Lets honor this amazing home of our soul with paint! Lets celebrate this beautiful unique body each of us has, lets surrender to our inner child, our inner god / goddess, our inner warrior, or whatever elese wants to come out. Lets surrender to the beauty of being human.

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