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Dancer/Choreographer/Contact Improvisation

Angie Hauser is a dancer, choreographer, and teacher who’s work is grounded in improvisation, performance and collaboration. Hauser’s work is marked by her long-time collaborations with artists Bebe Miller, Darrell Jones, and Chris Aiken. She was awarded a BESSIE Award for Creation and Choreography for her work with Bebe Miller Company and has received major fellowships and grants for her performance with Chris Aiken. She is influenced by her other dancemaking collaborations with Mike Vargas, Jennifer Nugent, K.J. Holmes, Kathleen Hermesdorf, and Alex Springer/Xan Burley.  She has taught contact improvisation and dance improvisation throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and in Colombia, and Peru. She received her MFA in dance from the Ohio State University. She is currently a Professor at Smith College in Massachusetts (USA.)

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