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Jo Hardy

5 Rhythms facilitator

Deep gratitude for dance – 5 Rhythms Movement Medicine Open Floor. Personal and collective awakening beyond the stories we can get so bogged down in.

I have worked with hundreds of wonderful people over the years as a psychotherapist, coach, mentor, supervisor, trainer, conscious dance teacher and group facilitator. Exploring what truly facilitates lasting transformation is my passion and has led me to study many perspectives, philosophies and modalities of transformational work.

As I gather years on planet earth what matters to me most is the joy and profound healing of movement and dance, the blessings of holding space, collaborations and connections with super amazing colleagues, playing great music for folks to dance to, the endless number of things and be curious about, walking with my dog and specifically at present the potential of movement practice to profoundly enhance the skills of psychotherapists and coaches in the dance of presence, embodiment and relatedness.

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