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Ecstatic Dance Dj

Kaylani is one of the faces behind Siargao Island’s ‘Untamed: An Ecstatic Dance Experience’. She is their sound alchemist, creatrix & musical goddess 🦋

Kaylani’s sets evoke a sense of wonder and empowerment through genre-bending soundscapes. She weaves deep hypnotic melodies, exotic tribal rhythms, earthy percussion, etheric voices, folkloric sounds, and cross-cultural instrumentation to create a sonic incense for the mind and body.

Kaylani is passionate about delving deep into the wilds of her imagination to produce soulful, playful, and emotionally charged music sets with a distinct feminine touch.  Yet, her mission extends beyond personal artistry. It is a call to summon a tribe of kindred spirits, united by a shared yearning for freedom, connection, and authentic self-expression across every facet of their being.

In the sanctuary of her creations, Kaylani encourages others to shed limitations, and awaken and unleash to their fullest potential, allowing themselves to be swept up in the cyclone of the feminine power that radiates within.

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