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Océano is born as Salvaotore on the day of Yemanja in the mythical land of the sirens ( the ancient mermaids). He had a traumatic experience as a toddler with a huge wave, he was scared of water and only learned to swim at the age of ten. He travelled the seven sea learning different water sport, conscious movement and meditation.

Reborn as Oceano in ibiza 10 years ago, studied many different water therapies and dance.
He created wataflow in 2014 thousands of individual sessions and hundreds of student around the globe.



Transpersonal water work
Presence, breath, stretching, meditation, dance, conscious touch and chanting above , underwater and finishing on land
Water is that alchemical space where we can submerge and dissolve , merge and manifest
A deep relaxation, can help release blocked pain, emotions and for some a reborting expeeinienve
Feel surrender and let go

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