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Kundalini Yoga

Siri is a Healer, Kundalini and Tantra yoga teacher, Musician, Dancer. She was born in Siberia and is based now in Berlin.

Since 1999 Siri’s been practicing meditation and energy working. Her father is a Healer. As a child she learned his energy therapy methods for recovery. During her first kundalini awakening in 2012, she gained the ability to astral travel. Since then, she has been reminiscing about her past lives and helping other people get over their trauma in the same way.

She teaches in Europe and Asia (Thailand, Bali, Siberia, India, Cyprus, Germany, Austria etc ) giving retreats and workshops. Each of her classes is a healing session focused on self regeneration. Siri’s workshops include deep meditation, mantra singing, live music performances, connecting to earth and cosmic high frequented energy.

Siri’s White Tantra is a mix of spiritual traditional tantric practice, ancient vedic practice, special meditation and sets from kundalini yoga, her own and her father’s healing techniques. All of this adds up to a stunning effect: any of participates get more feeling for sensibility, a new level of connection with the own and partner’s body and soul, releasing of emotional trauma and energetic blockages.

What makes it even more special is that the participants remain dressed throughout the session and everyone can practice this kind of Tantra regardless of gender, age and spiritual experience.

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