Mystics, Movement, Meditation, Medicine

We are a living community

We know each other from all those heart-warming places, not only in Goa, but in Berlin, Bali, Ibiza, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Thailand, Portugal, Guatemala and more. We invite conscious communities of dance, music, and yoga to engage and share, bringing light, laughter, and freedom to the world.

The purpose of the gatherings is to give space to listen to our inner truth

It is important to stand together and support one another. The purpose of the Forgotten Land community gatherings is to create a space where we are able to listen to our inner truth and reach our full potential of human expression. It is this freedom to be ourselves and realise our personal path that makes us rich.

We are here for each other

Our wish is for everyone who visits Forgotten Land to have a great time—to learn, play and enjoy themselves. If you feel like anyone or anything needs more attention, we are here to listen. We bring out the best in each other, and every voice is worthy of being expressed and heard.

It is important for us to provide high quality content at a fair price

We do our best to provide wonderful settings, healthy organic food, and dynamic facilitators, performers, musicians, and healers, at a price that is fair and affordable. We collaborate and listen to the needs of the locals. We support local artists in scholarship programs. This is a low-threshold service, with a focus on serving community.

When possible, we provide early bird prices at about 10% off the regular fee, and we offer discounts to those who enroll is multiple festivals. For most events, we also work with a helper team at a reduced price. Please contact us as soon as possible about opportunities to volunteer.

Find us on Facebook

Follow us on Facebook at Forgotten Land. Please take a little time and write personal notes in the comments sections or share events in your profile, so others can get a feel for our community and what we are creating together.