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“I believe to dance is to let every little piece of our body, soul and heart express itself in an ever present state of “nowness”. It’s a way to connect to our inner animal, to our pleasure and creative genius and to nourish play. It’s a way to live life open to the unknown; to be surprised over and over again” Amina

As a life long nomad and lover of adventure,  #Amina has danced salsa in forbidden clubs in Jordan and in refugee camps in Algeria, tango in the streets of South Africa and in metro stations in Berlin, contact improvisation in the mountains of Thailand and Peru, danced into trance to drums in the Brazilian jungle and danced to the wind on a sailing boat across the Atlantic.

She was always inspired by this magical connection and communication happening through dance and movement beyond words and language.

Amina met with contact improvisation 12 years ago and has over the last 6 years deep dived more into Contact improvisation and free form dance and trained with many international teachers across the globe.

She is a dancing freedom facilitator and has trained in body work such as craneo sacral therapy and Californian massage, and is deeply fascinated by the listening through touch, the senses and movement.

Amina is also a female sexuality educator, pleasure activist and loves to express herself through painting, into a colourful art form that she calls orgasmic art.


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