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Irene Alvarez Coto


Dancer, Physiotherapist, producer of artistic events. “The fascinating world of body movement as a form of expression and communication between human beings, dialogue with the environment. Creation as a vital form of Living. Gathering the people and sharing our beings in the most authentic way of expression!

That is what moves myself in this world.” I’ve been trained in dance since a child. Travelling all over the world, I’ve nourished my movement and approach to Dance with many different artists.

I share my experience through teaching, performing and creating events for people to gather and dive into the Self eXpression through the understanding of Body Movement. One of the main areas I work is on Contact Improvisation, a huge world of exploration for Dance and Human relationships. I’ve co-created the international Asturias Contact Festival since its birth on the 2015. For the last two years I hold space for the CI community in Lisbon and around collaborating.

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