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Marta Wrzesinska

Dancer, Teacher

Marta Wrzesinska (PL/SP)
Dancer and contact improvisation teacher, independent artist, teacher, passionate about dance improvisation, contemporary dance, somatic methods (Feldenkrais, Susan Klein), martial arts (Aikido, Systema) and movement as a means of personal growth and a way to express herself. She has trained in contemporary dance with Iris Muñoz, Michalle Mann, Leonardo Robayo, Lucía Marote; in contact improvisation with Cristiane Boullosa, Karl Frost, Martin Keough, Mirva Mäkinen, Urs Stauffer, Dani and Eckhi, Sebastian Flegiel among others and Integrative Body Process (ICP) in Escuela In Corpore with Antonio del Olmo. With different companies he continues to investigate the technique of CI, multidisciplinary improvisation, video dance and performance. She has collaborated with several artists both in Poland and Spain, among them: leOma, Teatro Biuro Podrozy, Alter Ego, Proyecto Open Spaces, Sharon Fridman, La Paxton Evolution, dance company. This year he is looking for new inspirations in the martial arts and play-fight method of Bruno Caverna. She lives in Madrid.

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