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Nago Gueye Koite

African Dance & Music

In class, conveys the liveliness and richness of West African dance as well as its fundamental elements…..every new dance begins with the first step.

Nagos’ teaching is informed by a deep-rooted understanding of his culture, music and passion for teaching traditional dances. His movements are aesthetic, soft, clear, centered – simply beautiful. The choreographies he put together appear extremely harmonious. Dance lessons with Nago bring the whole body into flow and harmony, making you happy and energized.

A special experience is his teaching the Sabar – a special “courtship dance” of men and women in Sénégal, to which a (large) group of drummers plays polyrhythmically.

Nago has been teaching in Europe for almost three decades now. His great amount of energy, charisma, openness and presence, his experiences, his deep understanding of people are expressed in the special quality of his teaching.

The “Koité” are a well-known griot family in Senegal. For many generations they have accompanied – as is the tradition and task of the griots – the community or individuals from it with music and dance and play in the oral tradition of Africa the important role of the mediators and transmitters of important events.

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