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Nago Gueye Koite

African Dance & Music

African dance with Nago means above all “coming together”. Its language is universal and works across cultural and geographical borders. There are no language barriers for dance, it sees itself as the “language of the soul”. By overcoming family, religious, social and cultural boundaries, dance creates encounters and leads to uncomplicated, unbiased exchange and togetherness. Nago Koité’s teaching is characterized by a deep connection to his family and their African tradition, by his enthusiasm, charisma and joy of life, by his openness towards people of other cultures and his honest concern to lead people to the original source of their life energy and joy of life through dance.  

The “Koité” are a well-known griot family in Senegal. For many generations they have accompanied – as is the tradition and task of the griots – the community or individuals from it with music and dance and play in the oral tradition of Africa the important role of the mediators and transmitters of important events.

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