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Nina Wehnert

BMC® Teacher

Nina Wehnert (GER) is a Body-Mind Centering® Teacher and Practitioner and teaches BMC® in workshops, trainings, retreats and festivals around Europe. She is part of the core staff of moveus, the Licensed BMC® Certification Training Program in Germany. She is also offering her own Body-Mind Centering® Training Programs in Berlin and Munich, Germany. Her background is contemporary dance, aswell as dancing and teaching Contact Improvisation for more than 25 years and teaching Yoga for more than 15 years.

Body-Mind Centering® into Contact Improvisation

We will explore our relationship to earth and space in and around us. The responsiveness to gravity and levity that travels through our body. The availability of our tissues for touch. Our physicality in relation. How do we orient ourselves through the constancy of change and impermanence?

We will explore aspects of being and doing. Inner fluid-membrane balance. A quiet and soft spine, the spirilic movement through our limbs, the relationship of center and periphery. Developmental movement patterns will be part of our explorations for ease and lightness aswell as juicyness and power for our dances.

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